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A Luscious Feature ~ All Hat No Cattle by Randi Alexander

by on May 27, 2014

There are some totally awesome authors out there and Randi Alexander is one of them. She is giving us a taste of on of her releases and…wait for it. A cover reveal! Yeah we get to see a pretty. I so love days like this. The blurb and excerpt are below. I know you can’t miss the cover. Happy Tuesday.


Blurb ~

It’s Independence Day, and Harper Johansen is at the rodeo in South Dakota on business. While she’s deep in cowboy territory, she’s hoping to meet a real cowboy—one who shares her dreams for the future. Shaw Donahue, tall and sexy in his cowboy hat, jeans, and boots, could be that man, and Harper quickly falls for his seductive charm. Until he tells her he’s a roughneck.

Shaw can’t believe his luck. Harper is an accomplished, intelligent businesswoman, and she’s beautiful, sexy, and willing. Until she learns he’s working the local oil field. Before he can explain the reason he’s roughnecking, she pushes him away, telling him they can only be friends. He doesn’t fit into her plans. With four days of rodeo ahead of them, can Shaw convince Harper to value a man for more than his cattle?

Excerpt ~

Harper Johansen backed into the last diagonal parking spot on Main Street, Belle Fourche, South Dakota. She jumped out of her company car just as the cattle drive started, and leaned against the front bumper, watching the longhorns plod toward her. Cowboys and cowgirls rode horses along each side of the sauntering cattle, close enough for Harper to touch.

And she had a need to touch. She wanted a genuine cowboy so bad, she almost ached. This was Wednesday, the first day of the four-day rodeo, so she had through Saturday to look for one. There had to be at least one man in town who’d fit her requirements.

Straightening to her full five-foot, two inches, she fluffed her shoulder-length red hair and tugged her T-shirt down. Cocking her jeans-shorts-clad hip toward one of the younger, sexier horsemen, she gave him the look. He grinned at her but lifted the reins in his left hand, showing her his wedding ring.

Taken. All the cowboys who matched her idea of perfection were either taken or far too young. Not that she was old at thirty, but she did have an age limit. Rodeo cowboys were usually way beneath her minimum requirement, but she still got enough propositions from them to fill an arena.

After the short parade passed, she headed to the sidewalk, flip-flops flapping, and she opened her trunk. She lifted out the box of free samples she had been giving away at every one of the twenty rodeo towns on her summer tour this year. This afternoon’s samples were alcohol-free, but tonight at the rodeo, she’d be gifting her company’s best fermented beverages. Harper set the box on the bumper, balancing it with one hand while she reached up to grab the trunk hood.

Two strong arms reached over and grabbed the teetering box, lifting it out of her way. Attached to the arms was a hunk of a man in a cowboy hat. His plaid shirtsleeves were rolled up over tan, muscled forearms and the top buttons on the shirt were open, revealing a few brown curls. His big brown eyes shone against his tan, strong-jawed face. “Ma’am. Can I help?”

Despite having promised herself there’d be no more men unless she verified they were the real thing—cowboys seven days a week—she smiled. “Thank you.” She shut the trunk and patted the top of it. “Here is fine.”

He leaned over and set the box carefully on the trunk and backed away a step.

His clean soap and pine scent turned everything deep inside her all warm and gooey.

“You’re selling those?” He tucked his fingers into his front pockets.

She pulled out a red can of cola and offered it to him. “Free samples. I work for the company.”

He nodded and accepted it from her. “Thanks. One of my favorites.” His voice was deep and slow, like she imagined her perfect cowboy’s would be.

“Are you…in the rodeo?” He looked a little older than most. Maybe twenty-five.

“No. Just came into town to watch it.” He looked at her box of cans then back into her eyes. “Will you be at the rodeo tonight?”

She nodded. “Section C, Row 5.”

People wandered by, slowing to look at her box of cans. Pasting on her sponsorship rep smile, she handed out samples. She struggled for the right words to ask the helpful stud if he was a ranch worker or a stockman or what his cowboy status was. Her inability to formulate a question probably meant it was far too soon to start vetting him.

“I’ll look for you, ma’am.” With a sexy grin, he touched his hat brim and walked away.

Harper stared at the gorgeous sight. Wide shoulders, narrow hips, sweet ass, and long legs in faded denim. Her mouth watered for a bite of those round cheeks. “Yummy.”

“What?” An older woman frowned at her as she took her free sample.

“Yummy…cola. It’s wonderfully refreshing, too.” She focused on handing out the cans and when she looked again, he was gone from sight.


Randi Alexander

“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”


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