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Prayer Changes Things

by on May 24, 2014

Don’t panic this isn’t going to be a deeply religious post. Although the mention of God and prayer in the same sentence may turn some folks off and I understand that. I’m a believer and most other people are too, but we don’t shove it down anyone’s throat, well at least I don’t. Whether you believe in God, Muhammad, Buddha, Baal, Ghandi or some other deity that is for you to work out your own soul salvation with much fear and trembling.

However, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomana on Facebook amongst my friends, they aren’t afraid to ask for prayers from those who believe in God, or to send positive energy or thoughts if one doesn’t. I’ve also seen those same individuals come back and give us good news that whatever situation they were facing changed for the better.

Whether the person is purchasing a home, taking finals or going for minor surgery, prayer is asked for. I’ve also seen where something catastrophic has occurred, a loved one has cancer, or a heart attack, going in for major surgery, has fallen gravely ill or such and prayers have been asked for.

I’ve even asked for prayer for a loved one and even someone I didn’t know just because I shared the same hospital room with them and have received an outpouring of love and support.

I could be a cynic and say most of those who post don’t actually pray. The majority of the people on my friend list have never met me face to face so why would they take a moment from their schedule to say a prayer for me or anyone else for that matter.

I can tell you why I do it. Because for that moment whether it’s a five second prayer or a sixty second prayer. (God can hear a lot in sixty seconds) we are all believing and hoping for the same thing, a positive outcome, support from our fellow human beings and knowing we’re not alone in our situation. If that doesn’t make it clear think of having to done a roomful of dishes by yourself and when you ask for help, for more people to share the burden, the load gets that much easier to manage.

The outcomes of the situation may not always be what we hoped for, sometimes a loved one passes away despite prayers to the contrary, but the outlook and attitude of the individual who did the asking may not be as bleak as before. So next time you see a request for prayer, go ahead say a little something. It doesn’t cost you anything.


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