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A Luscious Presentation ~ Todays featured guest Desiree Holt

by on May 22, 2014

Desiree Holt is in the house today and she brought a precious (a beautiful cover) along with a blurb and excerpt to share. I must admit I am excited, I have an infinite love for romance and am always looking for new books to feed my voracious reading habit. Check out the information below. I see a new book being added to my TBR pile. 🙂



Dani DeLuca is known as Firecracker, as much for her hot rides as a barrel racer as for her long, luxurious red hair. When she takes first place in the Fourth of July Golden Spur Rodeo she decides it’s time to celebrate with some real fireworks. And who better to create those sparks than Chad Bailey, bull breeder, and Brody Hunters, champion bull rider. Dani’s never experienced a ménage but she’s sure if she did Chad and Brody would be the ideal candidates.

Chad and Brody have been rodeo friends with Firecracker for a long time but they’ve never taken it beyond that. For one thing they didn’t want to ruin a great relationship. For another, they were all too aware that she didn’t play on the circuit. But over some time sparks have been simmering between them, sparks that are just waiting to be ignited.

The two men take Dani to a classy hotel for an elegant dinner and night of celebration. But all through dinner the air around them crackles with sexual electricity and when they give in to the desires gripping them all, the Fourth of July fireworks have nothing on the sparks between Dani, Chad and Brody.


Despite her self-confident attitude, Dani was shaking in her fuck-me shoes. All through dinner she’d prayed she hadn’t misread the hints Chad and Brody kept sending her. She didn’t think so, but she’d never fielded signals from two men at the same time.

A ménage!

The very thought of it sent a shiver skating over her skin.

They rode up in the elevator, each one of them holding a hand, squeezing gently now and then. Her anticipation was at an all-time high by the time they reached the door of the suite. Once inside, Chad closed the door, the men shucked their jackets, and turned her to face them.

“Here’s the deal, sugar.” The look in Chad’s eyes was so hot it scorched her. “We’ve both wanted you for the longest time. We want to take you to bed. Together. So if you’re not up for it, now’s the time to say so.”

She looked from him to Brody, saw the same intensity in his look.

Put up or shut up, Dani.

“I, um, think that would be interesting.”

Brody arched an eyebrow. “Interesting?”

“Uh huh. Very interesting.”

They all looked at each other for a long minute. Chad broke the silence.

“Well, hell. Then, darlin’, come here.”

He pulled her to his body, hands cupping her face, his mouth taking her in a kiss that sizzled down to her toes. His lips were firm and warm molding to hers. His tongue slid out to trace the seam, urging her to open. When she did, he swept in with a slow glide, casting over every inner inch of her mouth.

Brody moved up behind her, his hands skimming her shoulders while he used his tongue to trace a delicate line the length of her spine. Every spot he touched burst with fiery awareness that spread over the bare surface of her back. Her nipples hardened against the smooth fabric of Chad’s shirt and the crotch of her thong dampened with a sudden release of her juices.

She moaned softly into Chad’s mouth. As if directly connected by a thread, the swollen thickness of Brady’s cock hardened and pressed against the crevice of her buttocks. He slipped his hands between her body and Chad’s to cup her breasts, his thumbs rasping in a light movement over her abruptly sensitive nipples.

“She feels damn good,” Brody crooned, his mouth on her shoulder.

“Tastes good, too,” Chad told him, easing back on the kiss. “But I think we’ve all got way too many clothes on.”

“Well,” Brody drawled, “let’s do something about it.” He threaded his hands through her long hair and twisted it into a knot so he could lick a spot on the back of Dani’s neck. “Jesus, that hair is like red silk. I’d like to take a picture of you wearing nothing but all that gorgeous hair.”

Chad groaned. “I can see it now. Don’t forget to make two copies.”

She hated the absence of Brody’s touch on her breasts even more than she hated the sudden lack of Chad’s body against hers. But in a moment both sets of hands traced her body from her shoulders down her arms, paused at her waist before moving to follow the shape of her tummy and her ass. Dani closed her eyes as they grasped the hem of her dress front and back and lifted it slowly. When the material reached her hips they stopped. She opened her eyes to see Chad staring at the tiny scrap of silk covering her pussy. Behind her she felt Brody’s hands bunching the fabric of her dress with one hand while caressing her bare ass with the other.

“Let’s get this off altogether.” Chad’s voice was hoarse with lust.


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