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Cora Blu, When do you say goodbye to a series?

by on May 19, 2014

When do you say goodbye to a series?

I’m not looking to end one of mine, but I’m curious.

The other week I received a newsletter announcing a new release from a fantasy author and I was shocked by how many books were in the series.

I had never paid attention to the number of books I’d consumed and how attached I’d become to the characters.

This author announced her publisher was no longer purchasing the series, but she would continue because the public enjoys them.

Excited? Yes.

This brought me to the question of  when should a series end? When do you say, good-bye, to the cast you have grown to love? Yes, love or you wouldn’t have read past book II.

I’ve seen a number of series recently going into book 14, 20 and so on. Another has begun a new series with the children from the first series. Even if the series is good, do you enjoy more than 4 books if it’s not a sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal?

If so, do you want to read about the same characters as they grow older or morph the stories into the lives of the next generation?

I’ll admit, I’m also fishing because my fantasy characters are beginning their families and one couple has adopted a pre-teen human girl. And another is about to give birth to their first child, his second. I’m curious.

Cora Blu

Cora Blu Dagger Book I My brothers of Elements Series is an interracial/ multicultural dive into the ocean…where tiger sharks rule one female at a time.


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  1. I don’t read series really, I don’t know why, because I know how addictive they can be! 😀 I guess a series should keep going until the author and readers feel like the story is drawing to a natural close.

    You don’t want to drag a series on past its prime, and have the story ruined by those last few books that aren’t as great as earlier ones. But if that doesn’t happen until book 50, then as long as people enjoy them, then that is the main ting, right? 🙂

    • True. My favorite is being made into a movie on Starz, but I’m not ready to watch it. I have the characters in my head and don’t want to be critiquing every word they say instead of enjoying it. Outlanders, by Diana Gabaldon.
      I hope my fantasy readers enjoy my unexpected twist and continue to read the series.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. itstracie permalink

    I love reading a good series, and hate when it comes to an end. I always fall in love with the characters and families that I read about so extending the series to include the next generation is wonderful in my opinion. I just purchased the first book in your Brothers of Elements series, and can’t wait to start reading. I’ll keep reading the series as long as you keep writing them. I’m happy that I took the time to read your blog entry. I found a new author and series for my Kindle library. What a way to start the week!

    • corablu permalink

      Thank you, Tracie. I love my fantasy paranormal series and in writing the third full novel I opened the door for the next generation from two seemingly insignificant characters from the first book. I hope you enjoy the stories.

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    I don’t mind how many books are in a series as long as they can stand alone. I do like connected series, for example, siblings, close friends, etc. but each has their own stories I hate serials and parts books, only because the story is about the same subject/couple with huge cliffhangers and in some cases only about 60-80 pages in each at a premium price for each. I don’t mind supporting an author but this to me is unfair when they could wrap it up in 1 or 2 books.

    Thanks Cora for sharing!

    Belinda G

  4. corablu permalink

    Thanks for commenting, Belinda.

    I think as far as page count and price we as authors must think like a reader. Respect their time as well as budget and be fair. I personally never planned to write a cliffhanger, it sort of evolved into one. But that’s a different blog. In “Threat” there is a follow up and should be read in order “Stranded…Threat…Follow up” because you are introduced to new characters and the old ones appear, but each book has a completed ending. No cliffhangers.

    In the follow up book Ronald, Simone’s ex, from Stranded, will need Simone’s help. 🙂 If you get the news letter, you’ll get the first crack at Threat later this week. 🙂 Waiting on formatting.

    Thanks again,

    Cora Blu

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