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There’s Still Time ~ The Swirl Awards 2014

by on May 16, 2014

There are times that I forget that I write within a niche genre of romantic fiction and there are times when I’m made aware that I do.

While promoting One Stormy Night, one blogger host commented that she’d never heard of an interracial romance.

authoressWow. This is the first work you’ve promoted within my genre, was my internal comment.

Then the thought repeated itself. This is the first interracial romance to be promoted on this blog to new readers.

After clicking the share button, I hoped that was good enough to represent the sub-genre to new readers.

And for my post today, I’m giving a huge thank you to the Swirl Awards which also saw  a need for the IR / MC writers to receive recognition for their work and connect readers to this fast growing genre.

Today is the final day for readers to make nominations.

Is there a publisher that you anxiously await their latest releases? Is there a cover that got your attention? Or was there a series that you couldn’t stop talking about?

Head on over to The Swirl Awards and let everyone know about your favorites!




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    Readers’ Choice Awards are still open!

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