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One Last Rodeo

by on May 16, 2014


You know how you challenge a friend and then they say “you first”. The beautiful Randi Alexander writes hot cowboy romance and I challenged her to write one with a black cowboy just for little old me… well she got me out of my comfort zone of writing basketball and football players and enter the world of rodeo. When the Red Hot Valentines became the Red Hot and Boom for the Fourth of July I discovered JT Long. Since I’m a history major I did my research and over twenty-five percent of cowboys in the wild west were African-American because all that mattered was you did your job. A quick trip to a national rodeo going through town I went back to my small town roots and learned what a pick-up man was, JT Long, a real life cowboy, from a family of cowboys will heat up your kindle this summer.

Betsy Flynn’s star is rising as she serves as the color sports reporter for the local CBS affiliate. Her focus, knowledge and high heels have become a staple along every sideline in Minneapolis, but a rodeo has come to Minnesota and this Texas transplant will have to go back to her roots.

Five years ago JT Long chose being a rodeo pick-up man and his best friend’s career over the love of his life, Betsy. As JT’s rodeo shows up in Northern Minnesota he quickly realizes his chances of winning Betsy back are getting slim. She has a hot new man after her and she’s not about to let JT break her heart again. Now he has one last rodeo to win her heart.

*Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of stories. One Last Rodeo is part of the Red Hot and BOOM multi-author series (stands alone for reading enjoyment).


“The night was full of cowboys being thrown here and there,” Betsy reported. “Competition heated up and Yankee Scum didn’t fail to deliver throwing off his rider in four point six seconds.”

“Betsy how does that compare to other bulls?” Don, the lead anchor’s voice asked through her earpiece.

“Well, Don, let me tell you, staying on any bull is hard for the whole eight seconds, but of the fifteen competitors here tonight, nine were able to stay on. We’ve got the best in rodeo this weekend here in Brainerd. To only have six riders not qualify is higher than average.”

“What else can people expect to see this weekend?” Rose, the co-anchor asked.

“For the little ones, there’s mutton busting.” Betsy nodded to Ron who sent the taped video to the station.

“That’s adorable,” Rose cooed as the video of a four-year-old boy riding a sheep played.

“But for the die-hards, we have barrel racing, bareback and saddled bronc busting, some ranching teams with calf roping and ranching skills and of course the bull riders.”

Suddenly a cream color was spun around Betsy and she had to hold back her urge to flip out.

“Betsy it looks like there are a few other things going on.”

“Yes, there are going to be rope tricks too.”

JT’s lasso surrounded her body and went up and down, almost to the ground, and came back up and then he spun it all around her body. She could feel his horse standing behind her. JT had gotten better over the years, she’d give him that.

Betsy stood completely still with a smile on her face and made sure she didn’t flinch. The last thing she needed was a black eye from the rope or to end up on a blooper wheel somewhere being made fun of by a comedian. Her heart was pounding so hard in her ears she couldn’t hear if the anchors were asking questions or not.

“If you don’t have plans this holiday come on up to Brainerd and check out some of the country’s best cowboys and girls. Live from Brainerd Fairgrounds I’m Betsy Flynn for KSPC sports and here are your box scores.”

The second the red light turned off on Ron’s camera Betsy dropped straight down and curled into a little ball.

“What the hell’s the matter with you?” Ron growled, and when Betsy no longer felt the wind from the lasso circling her she stood up to go after JT herself.

“Jesus, JT, are you trying to get me fired?”

“Oh come on, Bets, they loved that down in El Paso.”

“This isn’t El Paso and we haven’t practiced that in five years.”

“There’s lots we haven’t done in five years, doesn’t mean I forgot how much fun it was.” His cocoa eyes looked down from the horse he was on and reminded her of every laugh, smile and… yeah, she needed to get away from him.

“Let’s pack up, Ron,” she turned, only to get lassoed and pulled back to him.

JT had dismounted and was reeling her in with three hard tugs.

“Jonathan Thomas Long I swear to God—”

Pulled against his body he instantly caught her lips with his. She squirmed only to have him hold tighter. His firm chest and arms were inescapable at first, but undeniable as his arms loosened around her. His tongue licked at the seam of her lips and she opened on reflex. With a flick, then stroke, she tasted the only man she’d ever loved. The only one she’d ever let into her heart. A moan escaped as she clung to his shoulders for support and fear that he’d leave her again. Again.

Betsy put two hands on his chest and shoved. He fell against his horse with a chuckle.

“Yeah, still fun.” His eyes laughed as his full lips curled on just the left side.

“Lay your hands on my reporter or pull some stupid stunt, and it’s me you’ll deal with. Got it cowboy.” Ron jumped between the two of them.

“Got it, Sir,” JT relented and reached for the bridle of his horse. “I take them out for a walk around eight in the morning. If you’re interested Betsy.”

“I don’t need to talk to you JT Long, you’re not a competitor.” Her accent was back with a vengeance.

JT took a long look around the fairgrounds and stopped when he saw Cole signing autographs.

“Not in the rodeo, but you can’t tell me you care more about him than you did for me.”

“He’s twice the man you are,” Betsy lied. “And he’s here for me. Nothing else.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” JT whispered as he walked behind her and placed his hand on her hip. “Look at him and that girl spilling out of her shirt. I never played along with the fans after I met you. He’s leaning in and letting her lay her hand on his arm.”

If JT would have ever done that to her she would have been crushed… after she kicked his ass and then hers. She tried to imagine JT standing there instead of Cole. Jealousy surged through her body. She tried to fight the emotion, but it was like an angry bull trying to throw a rider. As much as she bucked against the weight on her back it wouldn’t relent.

When she turned around JT was gone like a wind had been caressing her neck and not his breath. Her hand went to her lips that were swollen and wanting more. With a slow lick of her lips she found his unique taste and her world began to spin and crash around her.

“You okay, Betsy?” Ron asked as he put his arm around her shoulder.

“No. Not even slightly.”

Releasing June 1st on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Allromanceebooks, Kobo and Smashwords.

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  1. Brilliant excerpt! Not long until the release 🙂

    • Thanks I’m really excited… stay tuned for other books coming from the Red Hot and BOOM collection.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    It’s going to be a yummy read. I have already pre-ordered it. Just waiting. 🙂
    I’m also looking forward to seeing what other authors are in the Red Hot and Boom collection. I hope some good ones. Take care!


    • Awesome thanks for the support… we have some great authors and most will be featured on LL over the next few weeks.

  3. I love the cover and congrats!

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