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Crocheting and Creativity

by on May 15, 2014

Knitter’s Pride circular needles from

Most authors don’t sit hunched over a keyboard or a yellow pad and fountain pen all day long.  We have lives, families, pets and we watch the occasional television program and/or movie.  In addition, we also have hobbies, that little thing we try to squeeze between real life and creating imaginary worlds.

I am a crafter from way back.  My mother taught me crocheting, knitting, tatting and sewing.  The one thing that stuck with me was the crocheting.  I must have hooks in so many sizes and colors that I could open my own store.  And let’s not talk about the amount of yarn currently residing in my basement.  I don’t even know how many different colors I have.

Crocheting (and knitting) is crucial to my creative cycle.  Whenever I’m stuck on a plot point, character

arc or have had enough of looking at little letters march across the screen, I grab an unfinished project (there are quite a few) and start the needles moving.  The mindless repetitive movement along with the smooth drag of yarn between my fingers helps to work out any problems I may be having.  This goes for real issues as well as imaginary ones. <grin>

So what’s the activity that brings you to your Zen garden? Sewing, knitting, scrapbooking?  Let us know in the comments.



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  1. Gardening and quilting, but my all time favorite is creating things out of cement. I get heart palpitations when we pull into the parking lot at Lowes when I see the red bags of cement stacked against the wall down on the constructions end. 🙂

    • What an interesting hobby! It’s so much fun doing something that requires more use of the hands than the brain sometimes. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Gardening is peaceful for me and I like to crochet but it isn’t always peaceful for me as I have a terrible tendency to tangle my yarn…I tried knitting recently…and discovered that it will take more concentration to keep track of things than I am quite ready to commit to yet since I can’t keep my scarves from curling at the edges yet!

    • Oh, I love to garden too. It’s so relaxing to be out in the warm sun…and I’ve read that it reduces stress. A note – Scarves will curl at the ends when you are knitting them – when you are done you “block” your piece with a steam iron so that it lies flat. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I enjoy crocheting, but cross stitch is my love.

    • Nana, you must have the patience of a saint. I used to cross stitch, but it make me cross-eyed with impatience. My hat is off to you to so such a lovely and intricate hobby!

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