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Books, books, and more books.

by on May 13, 2014

Have you ever looked up and wondered about the birds you see gliding so high on the air currents. They seem to have not a care in the world, no worries. I have watched them swoop down and suddenly pull up too land. Recently I had the pleasure of watching an Eagle. I was driving and it flew low across my front window. I had to do a double take, excitedly asking my daughter, who was sitting next to me if she saw it. She of course didn’t understand what was so great about seeing a bird fly past her line of vision.  I on the other hand thought it was most awesome.

What does nature watching have to do with books? You ask.

I’ll tell you. 🙂 I am in an anthology with Dahlia Rose and Tressie Lockwood. That alone gave me heart palpitations.  Excuse me: Fan girl moment. Sorry I had to get that out the way. The challenge was to write about bird shifters. See where I’m going. LOL! I told you there was a connection. Now I tend to write about shifters. I like the idea of men and women changing into beasts and the dynamics they could have with humans…mates. Writing about birds, well that was something I hadn’t done in depth but I wanted to take a different path. I started researching legends and came across Thunderbirds. Yeah, I know how cool is that. A story took shape in my head and I was off collecting all the information I could about these awesome beasts but I took it one step further and made them men.

So welcome to the Supai Indian Reservation. Come meet the men who protect the tribes.  My book Thunderbirds is part of the Birds of Prey anthology. Check out all the fantastic books coming your way.

BirdsofPrey 1400x2100

Birds of Prey by Dahlia Rose, Kassanna, Tressie Lockwood
(Release Date: May 23, 2014)

Hawke’s Nest by Dahlia Rose

Hawke lived a solitary life. Humans were bothersome, petty, and he hated how they treated each other. He took amazing wildlife photos for magazines and sold them through his agent. Very rarely seen in public, he was known as an eccentric man who liked to live alone. That’s how he liked it because from his amazing home in the trees, he could take flight and soar in the skies. Until Tiana Swan wandered into the path of danger and he had to save her. With smugglers on the path of the woman who witnessed their crimes, Hawke had no other choice but to bring her to his sanctuary to keep her safe. In the peaks of the trees where you could almost touch the clouds, Tiana caused a stirring in his soul. He pushed the feeling of loneliness aside for too long, and as much he hated the fact, it all came flooding in. He fought the urges to claim her, but the first kiss seared him to his core. The second he touched her, Hawke knew he’d found his mate. Would the city girl who liked lattes and the bustle of New York give it all up to stay in Hawke’s Nest?

Thunderbird by Kassanna

He did what he had to do.

Jace Long Feather could admit he was a little bit crazy. As a Thunderbird, a shifter tasked with protecting his people, the Supai Indian Nation, he had no problem with death and dismemberment. To maintain their reservation was paramount. Then she shoved him in the back of a Jeep.

A chance encounter.

Leticia Washington knew she was going to jail. While trespassing on the Supai Reservation, she came across a federally protected bird species. A badly hurt California Condor. In her haste, she stuck him in the back of her SUV and prayed she didn’t get caught. Then she discovered the bird wasn’t an animal at all.

Belle and Jaeger by Tressie Lockwood

Sam Belle knew what he was, a snowy owl shifter. He rejected that side of himself along with his people because of their violence and their arrogance. As far as he was concerned, he lived as a human and only gave in to the call to shift once a year. The one problem Sam had with his choices was that there was no one to share his physical needs, no woman who could handle him sexually.

Then Tondi Jaeger walked into Sam’s coffee shop, and everything changed. Tondi was like him, a shifter, but she was also running from something. A sophisticated city woman shouldn’t have a reason to hide out in a small town, but Sam didn’t care what brought her. All he knew was that Tondi was his mate, and he would do what he had to, to protect her—and to keep her forever.


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Oh yeah! I can’t wait for release day. It will be in my hot little hands on that day! Bird shifters….too cool!

    Belinda G

  2. Sounds like a great combination. Good luck on the release!

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