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Whiskey, Beer and Tequila

by on May 6, 2014

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Since this post is the day after Cinco De Mayo I had to wonder… are we really a melting pot or do we just like to party?

Think about it, in the United States we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Octoberfest as if we were from Ireland, Mexico and Germany. You can say it’s celebrated by the immigrants who came here and they are trying to hold on to their heritage, but really we all become Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ve never heard of people celebrating in the streets for the Fourth of July outside of the United States. You never hear of Americans celebration Bastille Day or Anzac Day. Why not? Lack of French or Australian immigrants… maybe, or maybe just maybe, there’s not enough whiskey, beer and tequila.

In St. Paul we have a huge Cinco De Mayo festival in our Hispanic district, District Del Sol, and although I see many people of Hispanic decent on the streets I’d say that over half the people there are not. Some would say this is wonderful. People are learning about other cultures. But I don’t see the people watching the bands and dancers dressed up in regalia. I see them stumbling out of the beer tent.

And tell me truthfully, how many beer tents to do you see in Mexico and Ireland for that matter? Germany… well they have tent or two.

So why do you attend these cultural festivals? For the food? The beer? The culture?


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  1. I think it’s interesting to see the culture and how everyone behaves in different ways at these types of things. But then, I am usually noting down behaviour for future writing ideas! 😀

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