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Living La Vida Loca.

by on May 2, 2014

That song popped into my head this morning at seven am as I finally tapped the save button on the current work in progress. I smiled to myself as I thought one more scene and this book is done. This was my fifth all-nighter, in an urgent bid to complete a book. Crazy right? The reason I stopped instead of completing the chapter…I had to take my son to school.

When I came home I looked longingly at my bed. Fifteen minutes of sleep that’s all I needed. A short nap then I would start my grind all over again I would have this book done. Yay me! Then after wards I could write the blogs and check my mails and do all the things I had scheduled for the morning.

If only things actually went as planned. LOL! My short nap turned into a four hour journey through sleep land and when I was able to crack a lid and check the bedside clock…I didn’t care that I had to take care of those things. All I wanted to do was sleep. I guess time had finally caught up with me. 🙂 Two huge cups of black coffee later I’m bleary eyed but coherent. My dogs are feed, yeah they didn’t get their scoops of kibble this morning, and I am sitting before my laptop, fingers flying, in an effort to get my blogs up at a semi-decent time. I mean I can’t ask others who share these wonderful internet spaces with me to stay on top of things if I can’t get my own ish together, right?

So, that chapter I was so determined to finish goes on the back burner for a minute and I do what should have been done this morning. Did I mention I still need to take care of my other everyday duties like chores and errands. Long sigh, those will happen after I handle everything else. So no, fun pics or talking about books. Today I offer you the stark truth of everyday living in my world. Welcome to my crazy life.



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