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On The Road…Again

by on May 1, 2014


I know. I know. You probably think I never stay home. lol. To be honest it’s a delicate balance. BHP (before happy pills) I never wanted to go anywhere even though I love traveling. Many of you know I suffer from depression. So it was just a struggle to make it through the day. Now that I’m being treated (AHP-after happy pills) Lemme tell ya…when the opportunity of travel arises, I’m there or somewhere. Either way I keep my toiletries stocked and ready and my blankie for the car.

I’ve traveled so much over the last year, I need new luggage. While this messes with my writing schedule, I’ve a new lease on life. That cliche, but heck I’m LIVING again. Everything is new and extraordinary to me and when someone says “road trip” well yes I grumble, I hate long car rides, but oh man oh man, the end result is exploring a new place or re-discovering a place I’ve already been.

When we spent our month in Duke last year I dragged my youngest to the Duke gardens at least twice a week. We went downtown on the bus a few times. We spent many a lunchtime on the campus, and generally had fun. I’m sure this turn and burn trip will be no different. It’s always fun to drive through the mountains and finally into the South.

So tell me, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about long road trips? What did you do to combat the monotony? Smacking your little brother or sister with a book or game board doesn’t count. ( i used to pretend not to touch my younger brother)


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  1. Music, my mum would make us a mix tape and we’d put on our walkmans (yeah, it was a while ago :D), and we’d listen and watch the world go by. We were thankfully pretty easy going kids!

  2. We let the kids bring a friend and I print out animated pictures of butterflies, ladybugs or some cute critter. (Mind you my children are young adults) Each person gets a box of crayons and five pictures. At every rest area or gas station we let the people pumping gas or the attendee judge the pictures. It’s hilarious to watch cell phones sit idle on the seat, while Shania Twain rocks out on the CD player and the girls put serious concentration into coloring their master pieces.
    So much fun

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    I hate long road trips as well! But I found the secret to making it bearable, rest stops! I stopped at every last one of them. Met some nice people along the way. I had lots of books on tape and lots of music. Those saved my sanity when I was traveling from Seattle to Las Vegas. I will never do that again! The upside, I liked having my own car when I reach my destination.

    Kudos to you on your progress toward getting healthy! Enjoy the traveling. I love it!

    Take care Lynn!

    Belinda G

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