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Cora Blu, Work Space

by on April 25, 2014

Work Space

Cora Blu's workspace

Cora Blu’s workspace

About a month ago, I believe, Kassanna posted a picture of her workspace showing us where all the wickedness comes together.

Loved it.

So, I’m exposing my section of the basement, between the laundry room and the bar.

There’s no door, but since taking this picture I’ve placed a big area rug to outline my walls. It’s reminiscent of the tape on the floor representing walls much like the newscaster on the old sitcom, WKRP in Cincinnati had tape on the floor.

The black and white photo of the woman on the side of the book shelf at the bottom is my great grandmother.  I like keeping her close.

And lastly,  my cowboy calendar of Steffen Hughes is behind the grease board. According to my daughter, his chest is distracting when she’s working out…Right!!!

Well that’s my work space. Do you have one?

Sincerely, Cora Blu


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  1. devynsmom95 permalink

    Steffen Hughes is quite distracting. 🙂 Loved it!

  2. Wow, that’s a very tidy workspace 😀 Looks lovely though!

  3. After my surgery my hubby surprised me with a new desk and chair with lumbar support so it was still neat. I try to keep it that way, but there are days…

  4. Your space is so much neater than mine. 🙂

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