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Not an Alpha…But I Think He’s Sexy

by on April 22, 2014

In one of my writer groups, a member shared that she’d submitted a menage piece for an anthology that wasn’t accepted. What she learned from the rejection was what she’d felt while she was writing – she doesn’t write menage at this point in her career. Maybe one day. But not now.

Male model smileI felt her pain. I don’t write the quintessential alpha male. I like to read about the domineering hero who doesn’t take ‘no’ for answer not even from a feisty heroine until he absolutely can’t breathe. I’ve fallen in love with quite a few of those heroes.

However, I don’t channel them and I’ve tried.

Instead from me you’ll get a mix of brains and brawn and not a lot of cunning. These are men who feel that pull of attraction immediately, but are willing to wait for their heroines to make their own choices.

Of course these non-Alphas get overwhelmed at times.

Take for example Ethan Holden of Music for Her Soul, who had only planned to talk to his ex-girlfriend about reuniting. Moments later, he had her sprawled on the floor beneath him begging for him to…well, you know.

And there’s Kevin Miller of the Amber and Kevin stories. Kev never thought he had a right to, never thought he ought to, but he couldn’t help himself.

From In the Moment

He was close enough to brush the hair from her shoulder.

“Kevin…,” she whispered.

It was too late to stop. He pulled her close and planted a delicate kiss on her lips. When she didn’t withdraw from him, he tugged her in closer and pushed his tongue through her parted lips with an urgency that was difficult to control. He pressed her into the counter, sliding his hands
down to her hips and back up to her breasts. It was way too late to stop.
“Come with me now.” He forced his words out through ragged breaths before craning his neck up to take her earlobe into his mouth and tickling it with his tongue.

She giggled softly, encouraging him to go further than he’d planned. Squaring his body fully onto to hers, he massaged her breast through the coarse material of her suit and slid his other hand down to squeeze her ass.

Amber pushed up against him, circling her arms around his neck.

“Ahh…,” he groaned and pushed his growing erection into her crotch.
Damn, she was sexy. “We can leave right now.”

Amber opened her mouth to speak but the metal click of the door silenced her. Kevin spun around as Ronald stomped through the door.

“Say Kev…oh, oh…oh, sorry.” Ronald’s eyes widened and then shifted to the floor. “Whenever, you’re ready. We got the final walk-through.” He backed out of the room and shut the door.

So Kevin and Ethan have their moments, but they aren’t true to the archetype of an Alpha male. They’ll let the heroine know that they are completely and helplessly in love and will do anything to gain her affection. Of course, they’ll also let her know their breaking points and that she just might up end up spanked over the arm of a couch.

Still not a true Alpha.

Readers, is there room for this kind of book boyfriend in your library?



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  1. I like Beta heros, in real-life and in my fiction. Alphas can be fun to read about but when I actually begin writing a male lead, he turns out more like you’ve described above.

  2. Reblogged this on valloryv and commented:

    Originally posted on the Luscious Literaries blog!

  3. Exactly, Eden, in my hands an alpha turns into a beta!

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