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What Marriage has Taught Me

by on March 30, 2014


This will come as a little cynical, but hopefully you’ll find some humor in it.
Marriage has taught me many things. When two become one, well that’s when things get interesting.

I no longer have control of the remote. Where crime dramas and certain dramas were my go to, The Real Housewives and Preachers of LA and Househunters are the norm.
Cooking for two is harder than cooking for four.
Compromise means understanding the other persons point of view.
Pick up your own underwear from the floor.
It’s okay for a married man to keep in contact with his single female friends and all the women he’s ever slept with.
Commitment bridges the gap until love returns.
Good times outweigh the bad.
Communication is important.
I now know why women kill their husbands and it has nothing to do with PMS.
Laughter can save the day.
Amazing sex can last a lifetime.
Romance takes effort and planning
Marriage is work.

Well those are just a few things I’ve learned over the years. What have you learned?


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  1. Love is a bully. Even when you’re upset, you’ll pick up his favorite cereal from the grocery store without thinking about it. After twenty five years of sharing a daily shower I still love seeing two bath towels stacked on the counter.

  2. The simple things like stopping for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine are almost impossible because the demands (sometimes self-inflicted) never stop. Yet, it’s still possible to say, “I love you” and mean it.

    • Sometimes we take those three little words for granted. It’s amazing how something so small can mean so much.

  3. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it. 🙂

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