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Saint Patrick’s Day

by on March 17, 2014

March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart, people of all ethnicity and background across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. What began as a religious feast day for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green. 

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?

So…I wondered what would Kay and Jason Anderson, from my books My Best Friend, and Stronger Than Ever, do on St. Patrick’s day? Here’s short answer.

Jason returned from dropping off Angel and Jeremy at his parents’ house. Kay mentioned she had something special planned for St. Patrick’s Day. He smiled, hearing folk music coming from the house. Jason turned the knob to the front door, and swung the door open

“Happy St. Patrick’s day!” She yelled.

Kay was dressed in a leprechaun outfit. Jason inspected his wife from top to bottom, Kay had on a green short wig, making her chocolate complexion stand out. She never ceased to amaze him. His wife was hot in anything she wore, and right now she had him thinking of ripping off that green extra-small t-shirt, that read kiss me I might be Irish and a pair of boy-shorts. Kay wore a black and green top hat, fake orange beard, and white stockings with garter-belt beneath her shorts.

Jason stepped over threshold right into, the land of green. The living room was lit with small green lights. Kay had moved everything to the side, and placed a small round table in the middle, with green pillows.

“What the craic?” She grinned, flicking her shamrock earrings.

“Huh, is that suppose to be Irish?” Jason arched an eyebrow.

“It’s what’s up…”

Jason shook his head, closing the door behind him.

“Have a seat,” she moved extending her hands.

Jason strolled into the room, and kissed her luscious full lips. “I love you.”

“Me more,” she winked, walking to the kitchen.

He sat on the pillow, and observed the items on the table. There was a pitcher of something green to drink. He assumed was beer, green muffins and green chocolate chips cookies.

Kay danced her way out the kitchen to the living room with two plates in her hands, and she placed them on the table. “Corned Beef and Cabbage.”

“Yummy…” Jason rubbed his hand together.

Kay was about to have a seat, when Jason grabbed her waist pulling her on top of him. He cupped her face, and his lips descended on hers. “Happy St. Patrick’s Day babe.”



What would you do, if you realize that your best friend is the love of your life? Jason and Kay loved each other from the moment they met but obstacles kept getting in their way. An unexpected pregnancy brings them together. My Best Friend will be available again in April.



Jason and Kay sat down at the dining room table for dinner. He served pasta and salad with a glass of wine for him and milk for her.

“Milk?” She arched a brow.

“It’s good for the baby. Let’s talk.” Jason watched her as he took a sip of his wine. “Where do you want to start? Baby or us?”


He looked at her with something she couldn’t quite figure out. “I would like to adopt your baby. We can raise her together.” He placed the tumbler down. “I can be her father. Tommy would be more than happy to give up his parental rights. Kay, when Kimberly assumed I was the father, I thought, why not? Nobody knows. We’re friends, and you know that I will always be here for you and the baby.” He wouldn’t let her get a word in. “I know you need some time to think about this.” Jason grabbed his fork, “I understand it’s a big step, co-parenting and all.”

She was shocked, not expecting that from him. He had always been the most caring man she knew, but this was way too much. “You’ve been here for me, and I know you will be there for her too, but you don’t have to do this. You’ll be in her life as her uncle.”

“I don’t want to be her uncle.” Jason stared at her. “She needs a dad, and I can be there for her. Don’t you want her to have a father figure in her life?”

“I can do it by myself.” Kay took a bite of pasta. “There are thousands of single mothers, and their kids grow up to be good people,” she sighed observing him. “How can you love another man’s child?”

“That’s simple,” he answered. “Because she’s yours.” Her eyes started tearing up. “Kay, why do you want to do it by yourself when you have me? Just think about it. Now, about the kiss.” She pushed back her seat, got up and was about to leave. “Oh, so you’re not going to talk to me about how you feel? I thought we could talk about anything.”

She turned. “Until now. I’m tired Jason, and I’m going to sleep.” She walked out of the room.


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