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A little Luscious something for your sweet tooth without the calories – Her Chocolate Fantasy by Jamallah Bergman

by on March 11, 2014





Hello my name is Sarah Alexander…..and I’m a chocoholic
I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember…..
Chocolate has been my passion since I was young and even as an adult, I dream about this yummy confection.
Well I don’t always dream of chocolate though…..
I do dream about Max Taylor, one of the executives in the office where I work at as a file clerk.
I mean who wouldn’t want to dream about a man who sends my heart racing every time I would look his way.
Soon Max and I get to know one another and we both realize that we have one thing in common with one another besides our love for one another…..
An obsession over chocolate…..


“Have you tried to talk with him? You should invite him for coffee.”
“Once and only once did I get the nerve to even say hello to him, and that was a year after he got here. I mean, he would call me sometimes and ask me about certain files and such, and when he did, I would say something like, ‘How do you like working here?’ or ‘How are you feeling today?” or my favorite… ‘Nice weather we are having, aren’t we?’ So yeah, you should know the answer to that question.” With a shrug, I turned back to my work, answering phones while typing in data on my computer.
I still had my dreams. At least I could be happy with those.
Later on, when I had to make a run to the bathroom, I rushed around the corner and felt as if I’d literally run into a brick wall. All I saw were folders and papers cascading down in front of me to land at my feet in a huge pile. Whatever I had run into without looking was large and solid, and when I looked up, I discovered I’d about bowled over my six-foot-tall, hunky man of my dreams. The second thing I noticed was that he smelled like heaven on earth.
He stared at me with the most inquisitive looking eyes, scanning my face as if to see what I was going to say or do.
I mumbled a quick, “I’m so sorry,” and then got down on all fours and picked up the mess I’d made.
A moment later, he joined me, kneeling beside me on the floor. I looked over to see him smiling at me while I frantically grabbed folders and other important-looking documents.
“No problem at all, Sarah. I wasn’t looking where I was going, either.”
His voice was so smooth and soothing, I immediately wondered how he would sound over the phone or while holding me in his arms, while whispering in my ear. Damn, I really needed to find a man…or maybe just get laid sometime within this millennium.
Wait just one minute. Did he just say my name?

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