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Quality of my Quantity

by on March 10, 2014


            As an author the goal is to be published. We work and toil, endure grammar Nazis and hope against hope that our frustrations weren’t in vain. The idea in the end is to share our story. To have someone say that our words touched them. We’re not the type of people that go out and want to actually meet people in person…. My God no, we’re petrified of people and only talk to those in our heads. Now those people are funny and awesome and if they piss us off they die on page two-thirty-four.

So why would I (the girl who did an embarrassing dance as well as shook and cried for a day after getting my first contract) ask for the rights back to my book? I made it. I am published. Through multiple houses now and good ones at that.

See here’s the thing… no one explained the rules of you have to write a million words before you become a writer and that you’re supposed to throw those words away. Throw them away? My babies? No, I couldn’t do that… especially when a publisher and quite a few people loved the series.

You don’t know what you don’t know. We see that every day in parenting, start up businesses, and publishing. When a publisher picks you up they don’t really know how knowledgeable you are in the business. Just because it’s your first book doesn’t mean you haven’t written a million words and thrown them away. You may have a PhD in English and creative writing. Your ability with grammar may set the standard for which all writing should be judged. (BTW grammar… is a four letter word as far as I’m concerned) You could be a social media guru who knows how to manipulate to the point of massive sales.

In my case, I’m a storyteller. I create characters that keep you up at night. Or so I’m told by people as they yawn in complaint because they couldn’t put my book down the night before. Hey, I’ve been there too. I’m not apologizing for that. Bad grammar and plot holes I’ll get on my knees and beg forgiveness for that. I was never truly taught grammar. I know the basics. Verb is action, noun is subject, adjective describes and adverb describes action. But I end my sentences in prepositions and I can jump tenses like I’m skipping rope.

At least, I did before I hit that million word mark. I now write in third person instead of first. I’ve learned to show, not tell most times. I’ve even learned about that nasty four letter word grammar (although I obviously don’t know how to spell or count). I’m not perfect and no author, editor or publisher is, but once your work is out there it gets scary. Readers understand that book one is going to be different than book ten. With my tenth book coming out in a week from Secret Cravings Publishing I made the choice to have five of my books pulled back from my other publisher.

They understood. I wished that things had gone different with my first release, but they didn’t and for that reason the Chrysalis and Frozen series are coming off shelves. Fans of those series worry not for I have a plan. I took them down so the knowledge and connections I’ve made since publishing them can help me make them better. New scenes will be added and issues will be resolved. When I release them again I’ll feel comfortable that when a person likes one of my books they can expect the same quality from all.

Speaking of quality… my August release Silly Girl is up for a RONE award from In’Dtale magazine. The first step was earning a high review rating, which I did. The second step requires your help. I need votes for Silly Girl, which is in the Cops, Jocks and Cowboy category. I get enough votes and Silly Girl will go to the final judging. Check out my review and throw a vote or two Silly’s way and trust that I’ve written my million words and gotten enough paper cuts and ruler slaps to my knuckles. I’ve learned my lesson and now I’m putting out stories that will keep you up at night… don’t believe me? Just read the reviews.

In’Dtale voting click here.

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