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In Like a Lion

by on March 1, 2014

Let’s get this shindig started. March is here and if you’re anywhere in the north it is frigid. However that hasn’t stopped me from getting out and exploring, it only means bundle up. I think schools have given up on snow/inclement weather days. At this rate school wouldn’t let out until July.
The weather isn’t the only topic of interest, I submitted a short erotic title to a publisher and I’m waiting to hear back.
March will be a busy month for me, since Lent is just around the corner. There will be lots of fun activities, pancake breakfasts and such to attend. If you celebrate this occasion have you decided what you’re giving up?
Oh. This is news worthy, my youngest begins driver’s ed classes on Monday. He’s the last one and now that I’m an old pro at this, I don’t worry as much. No worries, even though there will be another teen driver on the road, he will be a responsible teen driver.
If this means he drives a little slower or takes a few extra seconds at a four way stop, that’s okay. How many have teen drivers and do you trust them to get from point A to B?


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  1. Sounds like March is going to be a busy but interesting months for you 🙂 Best of luck with it all.

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