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Cora Blu. What peaks your interest in something new?

by on February 24, 2014


What peaks your interest to try something new?

This is the home behind the store

This is the home behind the store

Now, I’m guessing but I believe it was twelve years ago when my interest in the Amish lifestyle took root. In Michigan, we have an Amish community mid-way to the Upper Peninsula. The portion that sits over Michigan shaped like an arrow. We call it the, U.P.

Oscoda County is spectacular in it’s beauty and small town perfection.

Now we get to the part where having girls alters your thinking.

My family goes up north to camp often and on the way out, we usually stop by an Amish family’s store to purchase breads and jellies and homemade things. The Four H Club, along with everything agriculture has a show somewhere in the area.

So after a week we’re leaving out and I spotted a cage on a front lawn with 6 or 7 bunny rabbits. Cute little balls of fur. This is when having girls gets you in trouble.

“Bunnies $6”

We pull up.

Inside we select a couple loaves of bread and chitchat with other people in line. When it’s our turn, we step up to the counter. Hubby’s off talking to the man by the window.  Men who fish gravitate toward one another.

So I go ahead and place the order.

“I’d like two loaves of pumpernickel, one wheat and a loaf of egg bread…oh and one of the bunnies out front. Can we pay for it here and pick it up on the way out?”

“Oh, no I’ll run out and bring one in. Would you like me to dress it?”

(Okay stop—my girls dress everything. I learned I’d lost all of my country girl sensibilities at this point because it hadn’t dawned on me what she said.)

Minutes go by and she returns with a clear bag and a skinned rabbit.

Oh, the horror on the face of my three year old after seeing her bunny skinned and in a plastic bag.

Well after a few miles of crying, she went to sleep and it’s was okay.

This began my interest in the Amish lifestyle. I began reading Karen Harper’s Amish police/ romance books and haven’t stopped.

The oddest things can trigger an interest. You never know until you try something new.

Have a great day

Smiling, Cora Blu



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