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The Stress of being a Mom

by on February 22, 2014

All of those adults who’ve had to raise children understand the stressors. Illness, safety, grades, strangers… there are too many to count. I wonder sometimes if it was this hard on my mother or if it’s harder each generation because we want to better than our parents?

Don’t you remember screaming “I’ll never do that to my kids,” especially after being doled out the ‘mother’s curse’ of having a child just like yourself. BTW, my husband has decided to break the curse and he likes to tell my son he hopes he has children that listen. We want to have our kids miss out on the crap that hurt when we were growing up, like somehow they could learn from our mistakes. My parents never told me about their mistakes growing up, but every time I see my son making one I point it out. I’ve found in both cases, the kid has to still learn the lesson the hard way.

So I can’t save my kid from my mistakes or his. Fine. But can I at least give him the best start in life? Sadly no. Not because the options aren’t there, but because I can’t figure out what the best start in life is.

Currently my son is in 8th grade, which means next year he’ll be a freshman in high school. When I went to high school it was pretty easy, I went to the school that was literally attached to my junior high. Why? There was only one school in the town and my mother wasn’t going to drive me to another one. There wasn’t open enrollment and it wasn’t even brought up as an option.

My son on the other hand has coaches and high schools recruiting him. The local high school in our district is not one I would call acceptable. There is another in our district that is okay. Then there are the private schools, in the metro area where I am there’s a lot. Having shadowed students at multiple facilities my son and I have our favorite, while my husband has his and really they all have their pros and cons.

Here comes the rub. Which will benefit him in the long run? Which will prepare him for college and his adult life? Which will help him grow into a man? I have no fricking clue and this is just high school. I’m going to lose it when it comes to college.

Tell me your secret to keeping your sanity as children advance.


At the tender age of seventeen, Mary Beth discovered the family she thought would see her through anything couldn’t accept her one mistake. Thank goodness for her best friends that stepped up to support her decision to keep her child. Seven years later together with her friends she’s created a successful business on the verge of a large expansion.
But the desire to be accepted by her family continues to be a failure that taints all her accomplishments and has her making concessions she never thought she would.
Elias Marquez was content with his life. He definitely wasn’t looking for the vibrant redhead down the hall from him. After a chance encounter he can’t escape the need to be in her company again. He wants to explore the possibilities and the undeniable spark her touch inspires.
Torn between trying to right the past and accepting that she can only control her own life is Mary Beth truly ready for the love Elias is prepared to offer as a future?
Coming March 2014 from SCP



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  1. I don’t have kids, but wow, it does sound exhausting! 😀

  2. My husband and I have three girls, pause for silent prayer, ages 25,20 and 13. I realized I may not always be the person they turn to when they want to share or confide in someone. (Listen to my heart break) But we made an agreement a long while ago. If you can’t tell me or your father go to one of your grandmothers, aunts or uncles. It’s also kept them close to both sides of our extended family.
    Hang in there mom.

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