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Valentine’s day books

by on February 15, 2014

It’s the day after Valentine’s… chocolate’s, candy, stuff animals are all on sale. While everyone is indulging in flowers, candy and sweet treats. I will reading a book. I was looking for a good 2014 Valentine’s book and I found a few and wanted to share… really who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Book.


Three couples. Three stories. Valentine’s Day. BDSM.



Born on February 14th, Chastity Roberts has never taken stock in the holiday for lovers. But this year, Cupid has a little something special under his sleeve. Out on the town with her best friend, she runs into the greeneyed male who keeps her panties wet and her thoughts dirty at work. Eli Cole is a man who turns heads. But the only woman he has eyes for is Chastity. After six months of hiding his affection to allow her to settle into her new role, he’s ready to indulge in the sweetness only her
body can offer.



This box set is packed with erotic goodness that you will enjoy from beginning to end. These stories will set you on fire with threesomes, angels, Military heroes and many more. Some tales are paranormal in nature and some not, it offers up a beautiful blend of different fantasies in the erotica genre. So add this must-have to your erotic collection today, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.



Let yourself be carried away by ten dreamy men–including a sexy bounty hunter, a hot undercover agent, a yummy caterer, a dashing Frenchman, and even a handsome fairy tale prince. Their stories of love and passion will tickle your funny bone and melt your heart.

This exclusive 10-book set includes two full-length novels and eight novellas. If you need a break from dark, damaged heroes and the women who love them, this collection is for you!



Elyse Bauer is surprised when she receives a mysterious valentine card invite. She hasn’t been out on a date in months, but she’s intrigued enough to find out who her secret admirer might be. So she follows the instructions on the card in a precise manner and hopes that this isn’t the worst Valentine’s Day date ever. But she’s in for the shock of her life when she shows up to find the one man she’s had the biggest crush on for years, Brody Kaplan, her brother’s best friend.

Brody Kaplan has tried to love his best friend’s older sister from afar, but he’s failing miserably. Unable to stand the thought of watching her enter into another relationship with a man that isn’t him, he decides to make his move. He knows how much Elyse Bauer loves Valentine’s Day and he knows it’s the perfect day to ask her to be his forever.


When two people lost in their careers are thrown together, can passion kindle lost souls and ignite the flames of love?

Justin Kapp is on an Alaskan cruise when he meets a woman that gives the vacation an entirely new outlook. From the very beginning he knew she was something special. Something more.

Kathryn Maynard, a top divorce attorney in Virginia Beach, accepts a dare that puts her on an Alaskan cruise and rail package. She would rather be anywhere but here, however the arrival of an intense man, changes that. Changes her.

When reunited in Virginia and Justin wants more than she’s willing to allow herself to give.  After he leaves, she realizes what is the most important. Will she take the chance and dare her heart to love?


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