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Cora Blu Secondary Character.

by on February 13, 2014

Where do secondary characters come from?


In my book, Stranded but not Alone, there’s two characters that emerged from one person. Luckasz and Edward aka Crazy emerged from this one man.

A cage fighter and instructor at my husband gym became the perfect fit.  He’s the man with the black hair.  The more I learned about this man, the more I wanted a bigger character for this person. Although he is Polish, he fit the picture in my head. And he has a wicked tattoo on the other side of his neck.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

If you go to the site’s gallery, you get a better picture of my inspiration guy #9 at the bottom. The man sporting the white buzz cut, is the owner and an instructor, Pawel Cichowlas  along with his wife, Lisa Chichowlas. She also runs a woman’s self defense course in the summer for girls. Very skilled in Krav Maga. I watched Pawel go through the Navy Seals fitness test. Lot’s of distractions, I mean inspiration, there also.

In my upcoming release Threat, Edward aka Crazy makes a return.

(“Edward, nice to meet you. Sorry I’m such a mess right now.” She jerked her hand back. Dried blood on her palm. Scrubbing her hand down her pant leg, she offered him the other, which  he took without pause.

“Not all messes are unpleasant to the eye. Seth was right to call us in… We’ll get you out safely.”)

Be kind to authors, we don’t always killed you off. You never know, you could be someone’s secondary character.

Picture courtesy of

mmm cora


Stranded but not Alone is available now and Threat to be released soon.

Have a great day, Cora Blu


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