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That’s the rub…

by on February 10, 2014

There’s a thin line when writing romance, you have to make it believable, but you don’t want to write an epic. Then again with those sweet little bites that come in the form of short stories you really have issues. What’s that? Falling in love. It’s strange when you write paranormal… which I do… a person can fall in love with a vampire, demon, angel, etc in one day, or a week and that makes sense. But when I write contemporary even I have a hard time believing in love at first sight (don’t tell my husband). 

It does happen though? I had moved in and was engaged to my husband within three months. Society and your Negative Nancy of a best friend tell you it can’t be love, not that quick. Why? Because that doesn’t happen unless the other person is a supernatural being or from outer space. 

When I write short it’s hard for me because I’m a Negative Nancy, I need to build a believable timeline. When word count comes to my world I struggle. I was honored to be one of the Red Hot Valentine contributors and will be again in their next series, but I tell you the hardest thing for me to write is short. Then again we should all write what’s hard for us because it will make us better. 

Don’t have a Valentine? Check out one of the 11 guys of the Red Hot Valentine Stories and see if they can win your heart in the flip of a few pages?


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  1. Great post, my first novella was a paranormal, and I struggled majorly with trying to make the relationship and romance build up in a believable way in a shorter word count 😀

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