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Featured Author – Mya Lairis

by on February 6, 2014

As you all know, I frequent Facebook. A lot.  Perhaps too much.  Anyway, I was so very fortunate to meet author Mya through our mutual love of crafting and all that entails.  She is a fab author at Loose-Id as well as Ellora’s Cave so I wanted to highlight one of her books today.

First of all, look at that cover – I love the shades of blue.

Title:  A Guardian’s Desire

Author:  Mya Lairis

Publisher:  Loose-Id



When bounty hunter Freya Daniels attends a pageant for werewolf debutantes and suitors, she’s far too busy enjoying the perks of wealth and ceremony to realize she’s being watched. When she meets the submissive wolf Rayne, she cannot believe her luck. The androgynous male is just made for her voracious appetite. But she’s not expecting the beta wolf to come with a very dominant and powerful Alpha, Fenris.

Fenris is just as much of a warrior as Freya and twice the brute. While she would normally never consider dating a bull like Fenris, there is something different about the Alpha, something even she can’t deny: the attraction between wolf-mates. Together Rayne and Fenris are not only more than she can handle, but all the guardian could ever desire…if only she could admit that to herself.

Two hot wolves for the price of one, who could ask for anything more?


Up to her shoulders in hot churning water, Freya reached for the bottle of scotch on the rim of the Jacuzzi. Now was her time to relax. Deep within the whirlpool, surrounded by a view of the west lawn, she also had a line of sight to the girls’ room. Since she had locked the front door, the only chance the girls had of sneaking out led straight to the Jacuzzi.

When she left, the girls were tucked in, watching television and gushing over the excitement of the opening night of festivities. Freya had heard them talking about which male had approached them, which was the hottest, the richest, and, more interestingly, which one that they felt they should be mated with.

“Oh, cubs, if you only knew,” Freya muttered to herself. For her, relying on the whims of a male was something she had never done. There was nothing wrong with dangling off a male’s arm; it just took more submissiveness than she could ever pretend to have.

Dresses, makeup, heels… Fighting and drinking and the occasional bath were much simpler concepts. Jacuzzis were about the most lavish thing Freya indulged in. With her first large bounty check, she’d had one installed in her apartment. While it was a girly thing to have, Freya tried to keep the bath oils, bubble baths, and scrubs decorating the rim to a minimum.

She lay back against the Jacuzzi wall and looked up at the purple sky. It was so beautiful, almost in the way Rayne had been. Ethereal, simple, magical…Rayne. She closed her eyes and envisioned the male beauty. He had been spirited, a bit bold but not threatening. That was important to her.

Rayne looked like just the kind of tasty morsel who would lie back and let Freya have her way, allow her to kiss where she wanted, touch what she wanted. She could hold him down and savor every inch of his body.

It was a pleasant thought…

“Supernatural or no, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to pass out in a hot tub.”

Startled from her shallow nap at the sound, Freya snapped to. Seated across from her in the churning waters was the object of her dreams, pale and near glowing even in darkness. She didn’t feign surprise. As tired as she had been, a herd of antelope could have snuck up on her.

“Maybe not” — she yawned — “but I would pity the poor idiot who tried to bother me while I was in said hot tub.”

“Threats again.” Rayne smiled. “Don’t you even want to know if I won or not?”

“Not really. All that matters is that you’re alive — oh, but then you’re a witch, so I’m sure that you would have been hard to kill.”

“My mother was a witch. I’m just gifted in the art of healing.”

It wasn’t an unheard of union. She had certainly seen stranger unions: a serpentoid and gargoyle, a vampire and a sun spectre, even a lycanthrope and a werecat. A child produced between a witch and a werewolf wasn’t impossible, but still, it wasn’t one she saw often. Witches were tasty, rumor had it. Freya shook her head, pretended to be nonplussed. “Oh, so you’re a mutt.”

“And you’re a pure breed?”

Freya searched around the lip of the Jacuzzi and found her nearly empty bottle. She drained the last inch. “What I am is a junkyard dog. Did you win?”

“I did. I can fight, you know?”

“You don’t look like it. Not that I haven’t met rail-thin guys who can kick ass, but Sayuki looked like he could do some damage and you don’t look like the type who would faze him much.”

“He couldn’t stand five minutes against me.” A frown formed on Rayne’s face. “But what type do I look like?”

Freya decided that she liked the way his pink lips pursed with disappointment. “You look like the pretty type. Like you should either have a cock-diesel boyfriend with broad shoulders or a Japanese girlfriend with a pink lunch box.”

Rayne’s eyes narrowed; his nostrils flared. “Well then, where would your lipstick lesbian be?”

Freya laughed. Touché, pretty boy. “Don’t have one at the moment. Would you like to be it? All of that smooth skin, pretty pink nipples…” Freya boldly moved her eyes over his hairless chest, specifically noting the tiny silver nipple rings pierced into pink flesh. She couldn’t resist dragging her tongue across her lips, eyeing all of his glistening skin.

He lowered his head but she saw the warm coloring in his cheeks, throat, and on his chest. She leaned back against the tub wall, assuming she had won the banter game. Yet, when Rayne finally raised his head, she recognized the look of a coming attack.

“Actually, I am quite fascinated by the size and beauty of yours. Your nipples are so large and your breasts are…so big. They beg to be worshipped. I thought of them while I fought, of how I wanted to touch them…suckle them.”

She sat up and crossed her arms over her nakedness. While his words caused her pussy to ache with interest, her defense was automatic. “Look, cutie, me and my tits are flattered, but I would eat you alive.”

“Maybe I might like that.”

He was a bold one. The ball was in her court. Freya was interested in playing offense, not defense. She let down her guard and moved across to the seat beside Rayne. She slid an arm behind his slender back and, gripping his shoulder, she leaned in close. With her nose beneath his ear, she inhaled the light musk there. He smelled of evergreen and salt. “You might like that, huh?”

He exhaled and nodded. “Yeah…”

Freya’s fingernails grew into talons, which she placed upon his chest. She took one of his hard nipples between the tips of her dangerous fingers and scratched the flesh as gently as she could. Rayne’s breath caught as she nicked him but he did not flinch. Not overly much. She wove a talon into the space between the silver ring and the top of his nipple, flicked it back and forth.

Rayne’s gasps were too enticing to ignore; the hitching of his Adam’s apple, the shuddering of his jaw drew her lips to explore the place where they joined. She dared only the tip of her tongue at first, wanting to maintain some semblance of restraint, wanting to tease him. Drawing circles beneath his jawline where fine, soft stubble grew in, Freya reveled in his taste. He tasted just as sweet as he smelled and before she knew it, she had to have the flat of her tongue trailing up and over the bobbing apple in his throat, had to have her lips against the heated pulse of his carotid.

It had been so long since she had been with a lover that she could barely contain a growl of hunger. And such a tasty morsel Rayne was. She pinched his nipple with her claws. His shudders and gasps caused her to arousal to flare all the more. “You’re a brave cur.”


Y’all need to go out and get this one today.

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