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Beautiful Trouble Publishing is in the House!

by on February 4, 2014

As I meet more authors and get introduced to more publishers I can honestly say I have had the fantastic opportunity to get to know some fa folks. Today I want to introduce you to Beautiful Trouble Publishing also known as BTP. Last year I had the opportunity to attend their meet and greet and it was a hoot. (Yes I am showing my roots) I met so many authors that I’d admired from afar and so many readers. It was a humbling experience and one  hope to repeat over and over again. In the meantime let me tell you a little about BTP in their words. 🙂


Beautiful Trouble Publishing® is not simply a business. It is the possibility that we dared to hope for and the goal toward which we worked. We have been the recipients of countless blessings and well-wishes from those who believed in us and supported our vision even before the vision was fully formed. We didn’t create Beautiful Trouble Publishing to be like other companies; we created Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC to be the type of company that felt like home.

Words aren’t simply what we do; they are our passion. A place where the imagination is considered sacred, and the individuals who work with us are our family rather than variables that affect our bottom line, Beautiful Trouble Publishing is, because we are.

Stories we publish will be edited and proofed (while remaining true to the authors’ visions) because we owe it to the authors who trust us with their prose and to the readers who invest their time and money in these books.

Beautiful Trouble Publishing, LLC publishes one type of story: damn good ones. Open one of our stories and live our mantra with us: Lose your inhibitions. Grab your imagination. Join us on the adventure. That isn’t simply a saying but the way we do things.

The Donnas of the BTP famiglia, and your dealers of superior read, Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh are awesome. Seriously, we really are.


Me again. Honestly how awesome is that? Now that I hope I have wet your thirst here is the link to their site they have a bevy of authors that write an array of stories. In other words there is something for everybody. So go over and take a gander, sit a spell, take those shoes off and peruse the book selection. To quote my favorite means where commercial – You going to be happy you did.

Oh, I almost forgot – you might wnt to sign up for Eat and Greet III. That is not an even you want to miss! Here is the link

Later friends, Kass.


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Thank you for the insight! I love them and the authors who frequent with them….LOL!

  2. A great group of very talented authors!

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