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Hurry up and Wait…then wait…more waiting…

by on February 3, 2014

Hey guys and gals.

Sorry for the delay, that seems to be my mantra of late. Sometimes things are just out of your control and time gets  away from you. I know y’all understand. 🙂 *Sigh* Getting back to my dilemma. Every appointment I’ve had of late has been a education in patience. Bare with me here, think about it. You call and set the times you plan to be at certain destinations, example, the doctors office and yet when you get there there are eight people scheduled to be there with you at the same time. And you wait.  This experience has gone beyond the medical field too. Cable companies, dentist, government offices gracious but the list can go on and on and on.


Its time to take back that feeling of annoyance because we are stuck an at the mercy of someone else schedule.

How you say? How do we reclaim the joy of getting up and moving, confident that another task has been taken care of?

Simple my friends, so simple that even I was floored the first time I did it. We take a book, kindle, e-reader, cell phone (with glasses to see the screen, yeah Those little words keep getting smaller) and find a corner, take two chairs in whomevers office and read!

I would have committed a felony offense today if not for one of my favorite books.  Seriously people may have died taking the brunt of my frustration if not for those beautiful words on the screen. So this is my public service announcement and it is such a beautiful thing int its diversity. One, your supporting your favorite author. Two, your saving a life (the idiot who double booked you). Three, you maintaining your sanity. That would e the most important.

Forgive my mini-rant 😛 Thanks for hanging in there while I talked about the idiocy of others and remember read a book to save a life.


Have a great evening.

Later Gators,



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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Kass, I’m so feeling ya! I go nowhere without my Nook/Kindle. Those waits are so typical and sometimes you just need to plan ahead…read! Thanks for sharing!

    Belinda G

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