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Beautiful Prey

by on January 31, 2014

Good Morning…

I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful and dynamic Mrs. Phoenix Daniels. She’s a new and upcoming Author. Her book Beautiful Prey is available today!

What books and authors have inspired you?

The authors that inspire me are S.W. Frank, Sienna Mynx, Ancelli, Jessica Watkins, and SK. I’m inspired by all of their books. I’m constantly preaching and praising stories consisting of true testimonies. I want to hear the woman’s story.

What inspired you to start writing? 

I was inspired to write by the untimely death of my twenty-two year old daughter. She aspired to write urban fiction that depicted some of her experiences. Although I don’t write urban fiction, I feel like I’m continuing her dream of writing.

What inspired your story?

My story was inspired by my fantasies and my life as a cop.

Do you write short or full-length novels?

I woke up one morning and decide to just write a full out novel… lol

How do you pick your characters names?

The names of my characters are random. Jack Storm, Jack is my husbands nickname.

What was the easiest and hardest part of writing this book?

The hardest part in writing was editing myself. It was so much that I wanted to write about. It would’ve been too much for one book. The easiest part was writing about being loved by a man that’s not ashamed of his persistence. I got one of those.

Where do your ideas come from?

My ideas are solely based on things that I’ve either seen or experienced, coated with a whole lot of fantasy.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on part two of The Storm Series, “Traffic”.

What was the last book you read?

The last book that I read was Mi Famiglia by Sienna Mynx. It was an awesome body of work.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Due to my personal experience, I absolutely believe in love at first sight.

Phoenix Daniels can be contacted at:, Twitter:@mzphoenixd, Instagram: mzphoenixd,


Beautiful undercover Vice officer, Victoria Price, is on a mission to catch a serial killer that’s targeting prostitutes walking the mean streets of Chicago.

Billionaire Jack Storm sees the beautiful prostitute and considers breaking his own rule… No hookers. He is immediately captivated by the alluring woman strutting up and down Madison Avenue.

Follow Jack and Victoria through their very erotic courtship until a sadistic serial killer sets his eyes on Victoria and threatens to take the one woman that Jack cant live without.



“And now the lovely hostess of tonight’s event,” the auctioneer announced.

Victoria was extremely nervous. She anxiously wondered how it would feel if no one bid on her. She’d die of embarrassment.

“Shall we start the bid at ten thousand?”

As soon as the auctioneer began, someone shouted, “Ten thousand!”

A bid came from someone in the back of the room, “Fifteen thousand!”

Victoria was secretly wishing that the absolutely gorgeous man that smiled at her earlier would bid. Victoria had never dated a white guy before, but he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen of any race. He was impeccably dressed and stood well over six feet. The evidence of his muscular body escaped the custom tuxedo that he wore. Victoria couldn’t help the gasp that escaped her when he smiled. He had dark shiny hair, almost black, and the bluest eyes that she had ever seen. Looking into his eyes was like drowning in a deep blue sea. Her whole body reacted. Her breathing was shallow. She could feel instant heat in her core.

She was almost picturing the mystery man naked when she heard, “Fifty thousand dollars!”

This snatched her out of her lustful daydream. Victoria looked around but she couldn’t see who made the bid. She looked over at Tracy and gave her a wink. That’s when she heard the voice of her cheating ex-fiancé shout, “One hundred thousand dollars!”

She whipped her head away from Tracy and shot Dante a hateful glare. The arrogant bastard shot her a smug grin. She was still furious from their heated exchange earlier. His audacity of showing up at her event had her livid.

Victoria was sure that no one would outbid Dante and so was he. He knew how much this charity meant to her, and he knew that she would go through with the date in order to receive the donation.

Just as she was about to have a panic attack, she heard, “One million dollars for an evening with our beautiful hostess.”

The smooth deep baritone voice pulled her gaze from Dante. She followed the direction of the voice and there he was: Victoria’s walking wet dream. His stance was the personification of pure power. He smiled, and his smile made her swoon. She couldn’t believe what was happening. This beautiful man had just offered one million dollars for an evening with her.

“Going once. Going twice…”

Victoria looked over at Dante. He looked small and defeated.

The auctioneer then shouted, “Sold to the lucky and obviously loaded man to my right!”

This brought laughter from the crowd, with the exception of the angry-looking blonde standing behind “Mr. Wet Dream”. Victoria was wondering what that was all about, but the band started to play and “Mr. Wet Dream” approached the stage and stretched out his hand to Victoria. When she placed her hand in his, she felt a bolt of electricity pass between them. He helped her off the stage and escorted her to the dance floor. He enclosed Victoria in his arms. When his hand touched her bare back, she all but melted. She took in his scent. He smelled absolutely delicious. She wanted to take a bite out of his neck. This man was attacking her every sense. She never wanted to leave his arms.

When all movement suddenly stopped, she forced her head from his chest and looked up at him. His expression was predatory, so she followed his gaze to find Dante approaching.

“May I cut in?”

Before Victoria could respond, “Mr. Wet Dream” pulled her back into his chest and turned her away from Dante. He responded simply with, “No.”

Oh yeah, Victoria thought to herself. He can get it.


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  1. Nikki Tigner permalink

    Totally Awesome Blurb and Excerpt! I have been watching this book for a while and I can’t wait to read it! Your cover is BEAUTIFUL! ♥

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