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Tools for Writing – Beautiful Implements

by on January 24, 2014

This is mostly going to be a picture post, but I wanted to share my love of handwriting with  y’all.  Yes, I am a techie gal…the one with five laptops in the basement in various states of disrepair because I’m just about to order that part to fix them.  I won’t dare tell you the gadgets that I have, excepting that I do not own a Kindle.  Everything else is fair game.

While I do love my technology, a few of my favorite things include journals, pens and the like.  Take a look.

Journals – I’ve got a pile of them.  When I say a pile, I mean it. I collect them, write in them and gaze at them.

Here are a few “new” tools that I’ve had my eye on.





Celtic Blue Leather Bound Journal

How about some pens to go with these lovely pages?

New hand-painted scrimshaw fountain pen – limited edition

Don’t look at the price….revel in the beauty!


Visconti Her Majesty Diamond Jubilee LE Fountain Pen Royal Purple

There is nothing that inspires writing like gorgeous tools.



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  1. Love those writing implements. I need to find some sexy pens like that and sit them on my desk.

  2. PaperbackDiva permalink

    Reblogged this on Being an Author.

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