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Luscious Looks at Break(Through) the Ice by Rachell Nichole

by on January 14, 2014

Twenty or Less Press is happy to announce the release of Rachell Nichole’s Break(Through) the Ice, a sexy romance featuring a sexy movie star and the author of the character for his latest starring role, available at Amazon and other online bookstores.




When Jasmine Graves is invited to the set of the movie based on her shapeshifter book series, she thinks her dreams have come true. The Vince Demarco will be there, and she can’t wait to meet him. Little does she know that she’ll have to face her worst fears to keep her leading man.


Vince Demarco has never been as intrigued by a role or a writer as he is with his current alpha werewolf character and its creator. So when he comes face to face with Jasmine Graves herself, he’s awestruck. But he fears an author who’s a reported recluse will want nothing to do with the paparazzi madness and crazy schedule that comes with dating a movie star.

Neither one can deny the animal attraction that overwhelms them at first contact. But will the heat between them turn to ice in the harsh winter cold of the Adirondack Camp?



Damn. Jasmine forced her snowshoe-covered feet to keep walking. It would be a massively bad idea to stop and gawk at the scene playing out before her. But she couldn’t tear her gaze away. In the quiet, the stillness, voices carried easily.

“I missed you,” a blonde told Vince with her slender little arms wrapped around his neck.

“You too, honey. You, too.”

All Jaz could see of the woman was blonde hair shimmering in the light from the cabin. Bottle-blonde. She didn’t know who the other woman was, but Jasmine hated her already.

As soon as they’d crossed the lake and she’d managed not to die of drowning or a heart attack, she’d kept her gaze on the scenery. Not to admire its beauty, but trying to catch a glimpse of Vince. Now she was sorry she had. She didn’t want to watch him with his arms around another woman. On-screen was one thing. She knew that wasn’t real. But the warmth in his voice as he said, “Come on, let’s get you to bed,” was all too real.

Jaz cringed at the woman’s coy reply. It was like bad movie dialogue. An exchange Jasmine never would have written out.

The woman stepped back and let go. “Night, night.”

She didn’t invite him inside? What was she, stupid? Vince Demarco was standing on her doorstep, had just had his arms wrapped around her, and the young starlet had just said goodnight and sent him packing. Jasmine was baffled.

“Goodnight, sweetie.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “Love you.”

“You, too.”

Damn. Jasmine clamped her jaw and kept moving forward. She returned her gaze to Brian’s back, but it was too late. He was at a complete stop and she walked face-first into him.

She yelped and tried to stop, but couldn’t. Brian careened forward, sending them both off balance. They landed in the cold snow with a loud thud. Beneath her, Brian groaned. She struggled to scramble off of him but slipped sideways and into the frigid powder.

“Hey, are you guys all right?”

Oh God, no. No, no, no. Please do not come over here! Her first meeting with Vince couldn’t be while she was face-down in a tangled heap of arms and legs. With another man, to boot. She was supposed to be breaking the ice around Vince, not her ass, damn it. She pushed her gloved hands into the snow and tried to lever herself up, attempting to get her knees under her, but the snowshoes were too big in the front, keeping her off balance.

“Here, let me.” Vince’s large hands closed around her arms. Then he lifted her as if she weighed nothing.

At five-nine, and none-too-skinny, she wasn’t used to being manhandled. But when Vince set her upright, steadying her with those strong hands of his, she felt almost delicate.

A fur-line hood covered his shaved head, clouding his features with shadows, but she would know what he looked like in the pitch-black: dark skin, a wide-set nose, low eyebrows, and sensuously thick pink lips she’d imagined kissing a thousand times. Despite the confines of his coat, she could see the broad shoulders, the thick, corded neck, and tapered waist.

Jasmine looked into those dark eyes and forgot everything around her, even the fact that not thirty seconds ago, he’d been telling another woman he loved her. “Uh … I’m …” Coherent thought left her completely.

“Jasmine Graves.” The deep rumble of his mildly accented voice caressed her name, sending a shiver skittering down her spine.

He knew her name? She’d entered an alternate universe where movie stars knew authors’ names, not the other way around. She nodded like a fool.





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