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Out With The Old

by on January 4, 2014

So far so good. I got rid of a lot of the old crap and junk weighing me down in 2013. Now it’s time for a New Thing. That means subbing to a publisher I’ve never subbed to before, embracing the writer I am and becoming and most of all moving forward on what makes me happy.

We’ve been snowed in here in Michigan and the weatherman is promising another 9 to 12 inches by Monday. That’s a good excuse to stay in, light a fire (in every manner of speaking) and snuggle the cold away. If you’re like me, there’s still work to do. Oh and for those living in sun shiny areas…don’t tease, just send that warmth this way. Please.

4 days into the New Year and I’m anxious to get to my keyboard, I’ve already attended a funeral of a dear friend and need a moment of relaxation or calm as the case may be. Despite this, the muses have kept talking and I’ve kept jotting things down.

So tell me all you wonderful readers, what would you like to see more of from me this year? The sky’s the limit and I’ve tons of ideas, but what would you like to read; more secret babies, a little more suspense, or just a good old-fashioned love story?

And just to keep things interesting Book 4 in The Love Smackdown Series will be out some time this year, I’ve two more series planned and oh a blind heroine and a few other things. 2014 is looking pretty hot.


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