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Post Christmas Writer-Itis

by on December 30, 2013

Good Morning,

I hope everyone enjoyed winter break. This year the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was shorter, I really felt Christmas came a full week early, kinda knocked me off my game.  I’m talking about Post Christmas Writer-itis….


I have found personally that the Month of December is not a good writing month for me. There’s a lot to deal with but really between Thanksgiving and Christmas with familial obligations and winter break coming ahead, I slag off. Add in great food and frigid weather and all I want to do is cuddle and read. So what do you do when you have WIPs in progress but no drive to write?

Nothing. I’ve decided I’ll give myself the time I need to get back in the game by allowing myself to simply have time off. Time off to enjoy family, time off to give my brain a rest, time off from overworking my brain. This doesn’t mean I completely quit writing for the month. I just don’t hold myself to my rigid daily word count and when I take a week off to spend with kids and DH, I stick to it, avoid social media as much as possible and live life outside of writing and creating.

During this time, I’ll fly my step daughter down, we’ll have our yearly ice skating extravaganza, paint christmas ornaments, and do absolutely nothing…but all together. And then if the voices are talking to me and I’m not up for writing, I’ll dig out the pen and post its to jot down the goods for later.

When the Christmas writer-itis passes, I’ll get back down to work and pound out the stories in my brain.  Because the voices hold me hostage a bit like this….


When do you give yourselves a break? How long of a break do you take?

On The Naughty List- a freebee!

Jericha Simmons has decided that two years of being invisible is enough. With Christmas around the corner the bold executive secretary is determined to gain the attention of the aloof CEO Dane Savage by sending him an anonymous gift. Though Christmas is around the corner, Jericha isn’t even trying to be nice.  Instead, she’s bypassing nice and hoping to land a spot on Dane’s naughty list.   If all goes as planned, she’ll reveal her naughty, little secret at the company Christmas party.  And if all goes very well, hopefully the sexy CEO will punish her so good for being so bad.

If you haven’t read my freebee On the Naughty List click on the link!


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