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The Grand Canyon of Texas Challenge

by on December 27, 2013

From the Wikimedia Commons; Photograph by Leaflet

Is this a televised race through Palo Duro Canyon State Park for a million dollar prize?

Nah, I’ll leave that to some savvy TV person to develop.

This is the challenge from my best friend to me.

I love shifter romances and she doesn’t. Her whole thing is that the concept doesn’t seem real enough for her to get lost in the world. (She freely admits that yes she got lost in the worlds of Harry Potter and the Mayfair Witches)

“There’s hope for you yet,” I told her.

Her snarky comeback – “If you like them so much, why don’t you write one?” She had seen my idea file for the upcoming year and she was correct. There was not a paranormal romance planned or even an idea in the works.

Still I blurted out, “I will and you’re going to like it.”

She’ll be attending a romance convention with me in July 2014 and the novella length work has to be finished and edits finalized by the time we reach the hotel. The cost of losing hasn’t been decided but I’m sure either of us can think of something embarrassing for other one to do in Las Vegas.

Knowing how slowly I write, I made some quick decisions.

  1. Type of Shifter? Puma, I like the sound of that word. I know it’s the same thing as a cougar or mountain lion but the word has Spanish roots and would fit well with the Texas lexicon.
  2. Time Period? Modern Day. I don’t have time for the research to take this story backwards or forward. And my friend has to like it so I don’t want to throw too much at her.
  3. Setting? I’ve decided to create my own small city, Haziel, TX. It is located in the canyons of Western Texas. Thanks to my daughter’s Texas History class, I discovered the Palo Duro Canyon State Park and what is known as The Grand Canyon of Texas. It is 120 miles long and reaches points of 20 miles wide. It surpassed only by The Grand Canyon which is 277 miles long and reaches points of 18 miles wide with depths up to 6000 feet. The area is breathtaking and secluded enough for the puma-men to roam.
  4. Names? I’m kicking those around. The area was originally inhabited by the Apache and the Comanche. Next came the Spanish and eventually others Europeans. Still thinking this one through.
  5. What about the story, Val? I got that. I came up with an idea and wrote out a story outline. I got a – That’s interesting from my husband and I’m going with it!

Y’all wish me luck! I honestly don’t want to be doing shots in a bar in Vegas dressed only in my unmentionables.

‘Cause let me tell you, my girl and I have traveled through the valley. And over twenty plus years, Time and Time again, we have emerged to see a new day. Believe me, my BFF had no qualms about wagering this bet!

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  1. devynsmom95 permalink

    You can do it Val! 🙂

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    A challenge indeed! Good luck with it. I’ll be routing for you! 🙂

    Belinda G

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