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A Luscious Gallery of Books by Naomi Jones

by on December 19, 2013

Helloo Peeps,

Good day to ya! We are six days away from Christmas…yes six days! Where did the time go? I still have shopping to do. Before I bounce though I want to leave you with a small gallery of books to peruse by Naomi Jones. A suggestion. If you’re like me and still haven’t found that perfect, gift take a look at books. Over the year Luscious has featured/interviewed some awesome authors who have some wicked (in a great way) works out there on Amazon, ARe Barnes & Noble…the list goes on. Look at those beautiful covers, read the blurbs and runs your fingers along the screen. *Okay that’s me – don’t judge* Anywho this is my plug for support your local author. Gotta run before the crowds get bad and I want to attack folks with my cart. In the meantime pull up a chair, take a load off and scroll down.

Merry Christmas, later





There are three things you don’t do: first, cross Nathan Romero when he’s in a bad mood; second, trespass on his property while he’s in a bad mood; and thirdly, reject his claim to you as a mate. Those were the three things Regine Hamilton did.  Due to his reputation for being a hard man, nothing and no one ever crossed him. That is until Regine Hamilton unknowingly trespassed on his property. After being invited to join the pack by his brother, Nathan found himself drawn to the mysterious yet beautiful shape-shifter.
“I don’t date alphas.” That was Regine’s motto. Especially when dealing Nathan Romero. The wolf shifter was arrogant, rude, and too damn sexy for words. Regine made sure to tread very carefully anytime she was near him. Then one night Nathan catches her off guard. She openly rejects him which forces Nathan shows a different side of himself that changes her feelings for him.
In spite of his behavior, Regine liked it here.  Regine did feel bad for having a slight attitude.  Maybe it’s time to let the past be in the past.  And this whole new-curfew thing will definitely be discussed.  She was practically living in the man’s house. “I’m definitely sleeping in tomorrow,” Regine said before blindly sticking her hand out to reach for a towel.
She extended her arm a little farther but couldn’t feel anything. A warm hand grabbed onto Regine’s and she felt the soft fabric of the towel against her fingers. Had Regine been anywhere but on pack land, she would’ve had a set of tiger claws extended. She knew whoever was present wasn’t a danger.  A random stranger wandering around Nathan’s property wasn’t possible. “Thanks,” she said while whipping her eyes. Once they were dry she found herself staring directly into the green orbs of the man who irked her nerves but set her very body on fire.
Nathan watched in mild amusement as Regine wrapped the towel around herself. In a house filled with shifters who practically walked around naked, she was always quick to cover herself in his presence. Nathan knew her shyness might be due to Regine being raised outside of pack life, but he hoped it was due to her attraction to him.
“Did you need something?”
Nathan was surprised that he didn’t detect anger in her voice or see it in her eyes.  As was his habit, he focused on Regine’s bare shoulders, looking for any trace of a claim but again found nothing. He was confused and relieved at the same time. Any unmarked were fair game to one another.
Why would Anik be stupid enough to leave a female like Regine unmarked?  Especially when a male like himself was nearby?  Nathan was sure that his desire for Regine hadn’t gone unnoticed, even though he’d denied it to himself.
A million more questions went through Nathan’s mind, causing him to recall his father’s words about mating.  “A mate will have you asking yourself questions that challenge everything you knew, who you think you are, and most of all, your legacy.”
Never intending to take a mate, Nathan had ignored his father’s words. Now they came flooding back.
Nathan was bewitched and had been from the moment he set eyes on Regine. There wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t think about tasting her soft, dark chocolate skin. It infuriated him to know that Anik got to do so. That was why Nathan always had him patrolling whenever Regine stayed at the compound.
“Nathan, did you need something?” Regine asked again but her voice seemed to hold genuine concern.
Instead of answering he reached for the towel and pulled it away, revealing a body that was meant to be worshipped. “Turn around,” he whispered in a soft command.  He was surprised when she did so without complaint.
Grabbing the other end the towel, he took a step closer. Nathan brought the towel on top of her shoulders and slid it down Regine’s back. He let the towel do its job, overjoyed at how close he was to her. Had it been earlier in the day Nathan wouldn’t risk such a public display of affection. However, he found it oddly soothing to do this. Regine seemed to as well because she leaned into the towel when it moved down her waist. Slowly, he slid lower, drying her legs.
Nathan gently patted her arms and stomach before moving to Regine’s breasts. His ears perked up at her uneven breaths as the towel massaged them in a slow methodical motion.
“Thank you,” she said and turned back to him.
Nathan could see the desire in her chestnut-brown eyes and pulled her closer to him. The towel had fallen, leaving no barrier between them…not that Nathan wanted one.  He didn’t understand why Regine was allowing him to be this close.  Maybe it was the power of the moon.  Maybe she was finally ready to let their first meeting go.  Nathan simply didn’t care.  All that mattered at that moment was them.

Dr. Ailey Dixon seems to have it all. Man of her dreams, the house, the money… everything. Then her fiancé utters four words that spell doom: “We need to talk.” In one fell swoop, he leaves her and her world shatters. 

Brent Harris has the same exact problem. He might be a wealthy CEO of a huge company, but matters of the heart don’t discriminate. The hardest part of watching his woman leave wasn’t so much the broken heart, as not smashing the face of the man she ran off with. 

Then he meets Ailey. It seems their exes are marrying each other and had the unmitigated gall to invite them both to the blessed event. Turns out, Ailey attended the wedding for the same reasons Brent did; to prove she was bigger than the newlyweds. 

Brent admires her for her courage, and is excited to meet a woman who is his equal in every single way. The attraction is instantaneous and explosive, something neither had ever expected to find. But can they set aside broken hearts and give the chemistry a chance to grow into something deeper?

As she rose from the pew, she was stopped by an usher. “Excuse me, miss, but the bride will be here shortly.”
“I’m just leaving,” she said with a small smile.

“How about you, sir?” 

“I’m leaving, too,” the man replied in a deep, sexy tone.
Ailey had not noticed anyone behind her. Turning, it took everything she had to contain her gasp at the sight of the man standing behind her. Handsome was too weak an adjective to describe him. This man was raw seduction in a suit. A woman could get lost in his beautiful ocean-blue eyes. His tanned skin, dark brown hair, and broad physique invited a woman to imagine what it would be like to be in his arms. She could have looked at him all day but they didn’t have time for that. Unfortunately. Ailey made it down the steps just as a black stretch limo pulled up. Ailey could feel her heart pound in her ears and tears slide down her face. Not wanting to see the bride, she raced around the corner. Megan was a beautiful woman so Ailey had no doubt she would be a beautiful bride. Ailey didn’t need proof of how beautiful Megan would be. She didn’t want to witness her joy, didn’t want to see her dress, and most of all, didn’t want to see Megan become Devon’s wife. As hard as she tried, Ailey could not stop crying. Come on, girl. Pull yourself together. You can get through this.
Out of nowhere, a hand holding a tissue appeared in front of her face. Mouthing a “thank you,” Ailey took it and wiped her eyes. Before she could say or do anything else, she found herself pulled into strong arms. Normally, she did not allow strangers to hold her but right now, she needed it.
Finally cried out, at least for the moment, she pulled back and looked into the ocean-blue eyes of the man who had followed her out of the church.

“Thank you again.”
“You’re welcome. Will you be okay?” 

“I honestly don’t know. But I’m not sticking around here,” Ailey said. She only took a few steps before she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“You want some company?” 
She was going to turn him down. The last thing Ailey wanted was for someone to join her misery, but she did not want to be alone.
“I was just going to the diner up the street but company would be nice right about now. By the way, I’m Ailey Dixon, jilted ex,” she confessed and held out her hand.
“I’m Brent Harris, jilted ex, but I do believe I might just be over it,” he said as he raised her delicate hand to his lips.

In Vampire Angels, Newlyn’s and Dante’s eternal love story is told. 

What does a man do when he loses his heroine and children in a car accident? Get them back.

Through the funding of his company he finds a magical urn which gives him a second chance but in a different setting. When you live forever, you’ll do anything for love.

This collection includes After Midnight Delight and Say the Word stories.

Walking over to Donald, Jude only had one intention in mind.  Revenge.  For Rayne and their kids.  And hope that his death would bring them back.  He put his arms around his father and pulled him into a tight embrace.  Taking a hand off Donald’s back, Jude dug through his pocket and pulled out a small dagger.  “I wish things could’ve been different for us.”  Turning the pointed end toward his father Jude pressed it deep into the lower region of his spine.  Jude heard his sharp intake of breath and pushed him to the floor violently.  The urn was shaking almost dangerously as if sensing the blood.  “A poet named Dante Alighieri, which happened to be the name of one of your grandchildren, said, ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.’  Enjoy your hell, Dad.”

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  1. devynsmom95 permalink

    Looks interesting

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    Thanks for sharing! I love Naomi’s books. I recommend any one highly. They would make great gifts and stocking stuffers. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

    Happy holidays!

    Belinda G

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