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A Luscious Feature ~ Nikki Winter gives us a look at a few of her books.

by on December 17, 2013

Today we have a few books to show you by Nikki Winter.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at a conference and she is as real on line as she is in person and a whole lot of fun. She has a few story’s already out and some set to release. I plan to show you a few. Sit back grab your coffee, wine or beverage of your pleasure and scroll through this blog to see what Nikki has to offer. I think you’ll find she has a a little something for even the most discerning pallet.

Merry Christmas my friends. Later,




Blurb for What a Bear wants: 

As a man with the ability to shift into fifteen hundred pounds of honey-loving, occasionally cranky grizzly, Ransom McKenna was used to people moving when he said move—or when he chuffed because the chuffing usually did the trick—at least until he comes across one of the most fierce, adorably ornery canines that he’s ever met, Fallon Wilder. Ransom finds himself fascinated by the way she can thoroughly lay waste to a man’s ego with no more than a succinctly stated email and a concise threat to one’s person. At first glance he thought all he wanted was to buy her extremely impressive lodge after it catches his hard to earn attention in a popular magazine for their kind but the moment he meets Miss Wilder face to face he knows what he really wants—her. And no matter how many times she barks and snarls and snaps, he knows he’ll have her. Because in his mind, it’s all about what a bear wants…

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Blurb for Beauty and the Barracuda (December 20th Release): 
Unrequited love sounded so cliché when it came to describing what Sansone Sultana felt for his business partner and best friend Nyssa Blackwell and yet, it seemed to be the only viable option of words. When you spent the majority of your time staring at a woman and wondering if you could get away with bending her over your desk without being slapped ugly, there wasn’t much else you could use to characterize your feelings. But when Nyssa slips up on the night of her birthday, giving Sansone a taste of the sweetest mouth he’s ever know after one too many, he finds himself questioning if his silent adoration is truly as unreciprocated as he thought. A man recognized for his voracious predatory instincts in their profession, he can’t very well let this slide through his fingers can he? After all, he is called the barracuda…

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