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Everything can be done in bits.

by on December 13, 2013

            At any point in your life the feeling of being overwhelmed happens.  It could be homework, our daily work, housework, family obligations, or in my case writing a book. Last month thousands of writers participated in NANO.  The goal to write a book in a month.

            For some authors it can take years to write one book, the idea of writing a book in a month seems crazy.  It may not be as crazy at it seems.  Much like everything else in life if you break it down to bare bits nothing is impossible. 

            My son recently figured this out when considering his role on a basketball team.  His coach is asking him to be responsible for at least twenty points a game.   That seems like a lot of pressure to put on a thirteen-year-old. At first he acted as if it was insurmountable, much like when I sit down to work on a book.  Ironically both my son and I used the same method to tackle our problems even though we did it independently of each other.

            For my son he finally did the math. Twenty points a game, means ten points a half, which would be five made baskets.  As he thought about it he decided he could make five lay-ups a half and five lay-ups aren’t that hard. Now he has a tournament this weekend so lets see how he performs.

Image            Now my sequel to The Frozen has been rattling around my computer for two years now.  It’s my most complicated book with plot twists, secret plans and a half dozen characters.  I’m estimating the book will end up being somewhere between 90,000 to 120,000 words. Now NANO is about a 50,000 word book.  I had set the goal to finish my book by the end of the year.  A daunting task to say the least…until I did the math.  When I broke it down by words, then figured in my average when I “sprint” write I would just need to focus for two and a half hours a day.

            Suddenly the thought of finishing this book wasn’t as scary, but like my son it all comes down to the performance. Can I do it? So far I haven’t been performing, the good thing is just as my son will have to do if he only gets two lay-ups in the first half, there are some days I’m going to have to push harder and work longer.

            No task is too big if you break it down in bits.  So wish my son and I luck as we nibble away to complete the tasks that we love.


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