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Last Christmas, There Was a Giveaway

by on December 9, 2013

The year has flown by faster than I ever imagined possible.

My beautiful pictureAt this time in 2012, I was finishing up a freebie to be published only on Goodreads as a teaser for my 2013 novella.  I also offered a prize to keep interest in Amber and Kevin alive while I finished writing – a print copy of the story and a Starbuck’s gift card.

That whole time is coming back to me as if it happened yesterday.

My critique partner was deep in finals and couldn’t read A Miller Tradition for me. A huge thank you to Kassanna who stepped in and helped when I needed it.

The story and the contest made it to the Vallory V blog as promised.

The winners were chosen and I skipped merrily to Office Depot to pick up my printed copies. It took three different cashiers to find my order in the system before I was able to head out to the post office and mail the goodies to the winners.

When I got home, I told my husband about the inefficiency I’d just encountered at the major retailer.

Him: Honey, they just wanted to get a look at who was printing stuff about nipple clips and erections.

Me: Do you think they read it?

Him: Of course they did. Do they know I’m married to you because I said I wanted to get that printer from there? I don’t want anybody looking at me funny.

With an eye roll, I thanked him for his support and pondered that moment.

Was the early morning crew really looking me over?

Who had they imagined would be picking up the racy material?

And did a forty-one year old, African-American woman dressed in slacks and a monotone sweater ever enter their thoughts?

She should have.

Happy Reading!



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