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Pot Luck Wednesday ~ Reindeer Cookies

by on December 4, 2013

This recipe was actually posted by Mahalia!

Good Morning! It is my recipe day and my daughter said I should post our reindeer cookie recipe!

This is a pretty simple recipe to follow. You’ll need the following

A Roll of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough

A bag of Rold Gold Pretzles

A bag of chocolate chips

A bag of gum drops

Cooling Rack

Prepared Icing in whatever color you like

Mint Extract

Cherry Extract

I make our frosting from scratch using, milk, butter and powder sugar. To cut the sweetness you can add in a few scoops of cream cheese for a thicker frosting.

Place three bowls on the table, put a good portion of white frosting in each bowl.

Add two to three drops of green food coloring in one bowl with frosting. Add in a few drops of mint extract, if more needed add another. Don’t make it too minty

Add one to two drops of red food coloring in one bowl with frosting and mix add one to two drops of cherry extract

In the last remaining bowl of white frosting, add two drops of vanilla bean extract

Cover frosting with plastic wrap


With the chilled dough in  closed the package. Use your hands to press the entire roll into a rounded triangle shape.  When you have the desired shape go ahead and cut away the packaging and cut the dough in 1 inch slices or more if you like thicker cookies.

Follow the wrapping directions to bake (keep in mind you know if your oven is too hot and cooks faster) I’ve found 8-10 minutes.

Place cookies on cooling rack to cool.

Once all cookies are cool, you can begin frosting.

Once frosted add two pretzels to make reindeer antlers

Cut the gum drops in half to make the nose

Use the chocolate chips for eyes

There you have it! A fun afternoon or evening of baking cookies.

r cookiesr model

  1. belindaegreen permalink

    These cookies look yummy and easy! Just one thing I’m confused about, the shaping into a rounded triangle shape…? :/ Help!


  2. press the shape out with your fingers into a loose triangle

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