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A Taste of Yule Tides…

by on December 2, 2013

Hi ya and Happy Holidays!

I have something special I want to share. Yule Tides releases tomorrow and I gotta tell you it’s pretty special to me. Not for any particular reason but because the characters have become very real and endearing to me. This is actually a really sweet story. I know your use to my erotic books but I felt a need to tell this story and show you why I love these peeps like I do.  It’s not easy writing about broken people especially when they can’t seem to get it together but there is something about Seth and Mona. I truly hope they shine through  their story to you like they did for me. But enough of my chattering. Below is the blurb and the beautiful cover done by Dreams2media. Beyond that is a never before seen excerpt.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at Yule Tides with Seth and Mona. It’s all about love and second chances.

Talk to you later,


Yule-Tides-Full-Name-on-bottomBlurb ~

Finding the strength to live is hard, but learning to accept a second chance at love can be trickier.

Seth Mathews is a single dad with his hands full juggling a precocious daughter, keeping his commercial fishing boat afloat, and staying out of the clutches of every single woman determined to end his bachelorhood status—including the ex-wife who walked out on him. Then his little girl mentions the sad woman at the pier who always stares out at the ocean.

Three years ago, Mona Lisa Murphy lost her entire family in a fatal car accident at Christmas time. Observing life as opposed to living it, she now questions her existence daily…until a sexy fisherman and his bright daughter come along.

Seth wants to show Mona the joys of living. She simply wants to be left alone. Their battle of wills clash head-on, but then an unexpected turn of events gives them a Christmas miracle neither expected.

Excerpt ~

When he set her on her feet, she tilted her head up and stared at him. If he had to guess at her expression, he’d definitely say stunned, with her brows drawn together and her jaw slack. Curiosity replaced the fleeting look of shock. She narrowed her eyes and slapped away his hands. As she opened her mouth, he snaked an arm around her and swung her around to confront his ex-wife. He didn’t need Mona blowing the charade before he could get Vicki to leave.

Without letting Mona go, he shifted to face a glowering Vicki. Keeping his arm around Mona’s waist, he urged her forward. She didn’t budge. He leaned over and grazed his lips against her temple before speaking lowly, “I’m Tia’s father, and I could really use your help. Please.”

Mona tentatively ambled forward.

Vicki’s demeanor changed instantly from annoyed to predatory. Her lips thinned as one side of her mouth barely lifted. She pulled her hand free of her pocket and marched up to them with her arm extended. “It’s nice to meet you–ah…”

“Mona.” Seth let his voice drop an octave.

Mona stared at Vicki then turned her gaze to Seth. He met her look and was taken by the intensity he saw in the chocolate depths of her eyes. Seth hoped she saw the sincerity in his and would play along.

She grasped Vicki’s hand in a quick shake before pulling it away. “Hello”

Seth kept Mona clamped to his side as he eased around his ex-wife. “If you’ll excuse us, we had plans for the day. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten your way to my mom’s house. I’ll give her a call if you’re going to stop by and pick up Tia.”

Vicki waved her hand. “I’ll collect her on my next visit.” She directed her next question at Mona. “I have to say I’m surprised. How long have you and Seth been dating?”

“Umm.” Mona sucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

“I mean, I find it funny no one mentioned you, and I visit our daughter frequently, yet I don’t remember ever seeing you.”

Seth quickly interjected. “For Tia’s sake, we’ve been keeping our relationship quiet. But that’s all about to change.”

“You have?” Vicki’s voice held a thread of disbelief.

“It is?” Mona’s tone held confusion.

“Yeah.” An impromptu plan formed in Seth’s head. He faced Mona, taking both of her hands within his before dropping down on one knee. “I know it’s only been a few months, but I have never felt this way about another woman. I can’t sleep when you’re not next to me. My day isn’t right until we’ve had a chance to talk. It boggles my mind to feel this strongly in so short a time, but I don’t want to spend another minute without screaming to the world at the top of my lungs that you’re mine. Marry me?”

Vicki’s mouth fell open. She promptly shut it before speaking, “No fucking way!”

Mona looked at him and spoke at the same time, “Come again?”

He winked.

A thwack drew his attention, and he looked past Vicki’s legs. His mother, sister, daughter, and two nieces stared at him. A busted bag with a greasy outline rested by his mom’s feet. Things had just got interesting but there was no turning back now.

His mother blinked several times. “Is that the cra—”

Sarah interrupted their mama. “Well shut the fuc-front door!”



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  1. I just love the cover and the story is awesome. Congrats, Kassanna.

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