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Research can be a real eye opener

by on November 30, 2013

Yesterday I was reminded of the most bizarre information I’d ever come across in researching a story.

As my story, “Blade brothers of Element Series,  is set in the Pacific and my heroine is a Japanese dolphin, fighting to find who’s finning the tigersharks at an alarming rate, her family lives in the East China Sea. King Blade is being hunted for his fins and she’s trying to stop the male behind the finning because she knows who it is.

Well this is what I found.

“Love Land on Jeju Island. It sits between the East China Sea and the Korea Straits.

An amusement park consisting of human like statues of various sensual poses. In my story it’s a lure for the younger shifter’s that brings them in contact with the humans and the threat of being finned.

I was very surprised to find such a park in this area and the crowd it draws every year. Being that it’s in Korea. Warning: the statues are very graphic. These are a collection of the images. You can find a link to the park there as well.

A quick excerpt from Blade, in the rescue mission with incoming queen, Miyuki Takahashi speaking with her office staff concerning the park.

“It’s the lure of the park?” Ciara said.

She watched both women nodding. “Park?” Miyuki questioned, and hoped they weren’t speaking of the human park.

“Jeju Island off the korea Straits down in zone seventy two,” Ciara finished, making up and down motions with her green brows flecked with gold.

Miyuki tossed a glance between the two women, startled by their words. “The human amusement park,” her voice high. “They risk their lives to see naked statues?”

“And taste the sweet waterfall. They have some of the most succulent crustaceans around and at ngiht after the park closes young couples go there.”

“The statues are surprisingly human like,” Vailea said.

“It is not illegal to go on land, Miyuki, just frowned upon. We all know the air is toxic after ten or twelve hours, and most shifters don’t find it worth the effort,” Ciara said.

“Shifters are sexual in nature,” Miyuki observed. “I can see the park being an attraction. Unfortunately, it exposes them to finning, which is legal with some humans on land.”

“As long as there’s a market for it, the threat to our sharks is real,” Vailea added.


Now go check out the park, then check out Blade. 🙂

Have a great day every one.

Sinerely, Cora Blu


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  1. Mary Roya permalink

    Those photos was awesome. I’d seen some of them but not all. Enjoyed your blog. Thanks

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