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What are you Thankful for?

by on November 22, 2013

Hey ya,

While working I thought about what I would write in today’s blog.  So many thoughts go through my mind and in the blink of an eye – flash – they are gone. But this idea stuck with so its the winner of today’s blog theme. What am I truly thankful for? I could tick material things off on my finger tips and there are some people out there who would. Or I could dig deeper, actually put some thought into this and open myself up.  Here are my top three things. Everyday it dawns on me how blessed I am to have them cause living in this world ain’t easy but they my path that much better. After I’m done hopefully you’ll share with me what make you grateful to see another Thanksgiving.

1) My family. (yeah I know everyone says that but stay with me here) In particular, my kids, every night I watch them as they sleep and I thank God for them. You see in my darkest days when I wasn’t sure if I was even meant to walk around in this world, they kept me going. I knew I couldn’t just leave them. I always worried if something happened to me what would happen to them and so I trudged on. Good or bad I made a way. When there just wasn’t enough of anything or I wasn’t sure how I would make it to the next day I could always turn to my mother. Even if she couldn’t help me physically she was always there with a kind word or a slap in the face of my hysterics telling me to get my act together. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am not because she did it for me but because she always encouraged me to think outside the box and hold on with both hands to anything I ever wanted and make it happen. Last but not least my husband. He’s my neutral territory. With him I don’t have to say a word, he just knows and acts accordingly.

2)My health. Recently I had a few scares that made me realize I may not live forever. In my youth I thought I was invincible. I was wrong and at my age today I have never been happier for the advances to modern medicine because when those pains hit I was on the floor in the fetal position crying for my mama. That was not a pretty picture, nor is it one I wish to create ever again.

3)My writing/My books and the Readers. I compiled these three things in a group because together they make the perfect storm that I can comprise in one sentence. They keep me sane. Trust me this is a good thing because no one and I mean no one would want to see the crazy in my head escape. 🙂

Well there you go. Thanks for hanging out with me. Have a fab Thanksgiving, I have no doubt we will talk later. Oh and by the way if you look below I have a new Christmas book coming out. Yule Tides. If your interested check out the cover and blurb. Be safe this holiday season.

See ya, Kass

Yule-Tides-Full-Name-on-bottomComing Soon!

Blurb ~

Finding the strength to live is hard, but learning to accept a second chance at love can be trickier.

Seth Mathews is a single dad with his hands full juggling a precocious daughter, keeping his commercial fishing boat afloat, and staying out of the clutches of every single woman determined to end his bachelorhood status—including the ex-wife who walked out on him. Then his little girl mentions the sad woman at the pier who always stares out at the ocean.

Three years ago, Mona Lisa Murphy lost her entire family in a fatal car accident at Christmas time. Observing life as opposed to living it, she now questions her existence daily…until a sexy fisherman and his bright daughter come along.

Seth wants to show Mona the joys of living. She simply wants to be left alone. Their battle of wills clash head-on, but then an unexpected turn of events gives them a Christmas miracle neither expected.


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  1. Kimberly permalink

    That was beautiful Kass. 🙂

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