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Cora Blu… Can you hear it… the sounds?

by on November 15, 2013


Music of your day

Music of your day

Cora Blu here and I want to know , can you hear it, the sounds of your day?

We just added a hedgehog to the menagerie of animals at the Blu house. Say it with me…A hedgehog.  My daughter did all her research on everything from the temperature of her room to how much protein it’ll need to make it through the winter. They have to store a certain amount of body fat to live in the human environment.

He has a heat lamp over his little domed home.

Mind you I haven’t touched the little odd looking thing and its cage is at least 3 feet long by 2 feet high.

All the research my wonderful daughter did the first night she came knocking on our bedroom door, because the hedgehog made too much noise. (long sigh)

He’s nocturnal.  (His cage turns into a night club of vibrations. All she needs is a strobe light and a mirrored ball to hang from the cage)

He eats at night. Tiny dried worms (crunch crunch crunch)

He’s got claws like Dracula. (scratch scratch scratch)

It runs on its wheel at night.  (clack clack clack)

Now we have to play rainforest music next to her bed so she can sleep. (My daughter not the hedgehog) All that research and she forgot about the night sounds.

Writing a story can be the same way. You can do tons of research and forget about the obvious sense of sound. Not the ones that make you jump or jerk around, but the daily routine sounds.

Listen for the sounds in your day. What does it sound like? Is there a beat, a rhythm or is it just a bunch of clicks and pops you associate with the time of day? Let the beat of your day become the music that moves you though it in a dance only you can do. No one hears the world around you the way you do, stop trying to change those sounds and start adding your own beat.

Have a great one,

Cora Blu

Stop by my site sometime and read up on what my tiger shark shifters can hear.  Imagine hearing your husband outside the front door before he even put the key in the lock. Drew can now that she’s transitioned.


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