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What gets your adrenaline rushing?

by on November 9, 2013



            Maybe I’m crazy or insane, but I love a live football game.  Normally mobs and large groups scare me unless I’m with my husband to protect me. Maybe that’s part of the rush. My adrenaline pumps through my veins from an ounce of fear that gets over run by a group of people who like me were excited to see a great block, touchdown or sack.

            For the most part the people around me know the basic rules of the game or can at least figure it out. My local team is the Minnesota Vikings.  I’ve been a fan since they were the Purple Power in the 80s. The last game I got to go in the Metrodome that will be torn down in a few months turned into one the best games I’ve seen.  Down to the last second, on the four-yard line, goal line defense holding. We were all on our feet, we were all yelling at the top of our lungs to make it hard for the Redskins QB to make the call and together we helped our defense.

            Now when my son plays I get the same rush. A few more butterflies in the stomach, but I can’t yell as loud as I want, although my son would probably say I yell too much. I can’t stomp my feet and there is no unity among the fans. He’s in middle school, which allows me to walk up and down the field with the team as they progress, but without stands there doesn’t seem to be that unity that seventy thousand spectators can form in a stadium.

            I’ll admit that I’m an uber fan. The first big game I went to for the Vikings was the 2009 playoff game against the Eagles. There was such a charge rushing through the stands that I had tears in my eyes from the excitement as the players rushed out of the locker room.  Sadly tears formed for another reason at the end of the game. I’m better now and at the 2010 playoff game I was more under control.

            Maybe this is why I write Sports Romance. The rush, the thrill and the excitement of a game gets to transfer to the hormone tingling love brought on by Alpha males, with chiseled bodies and strong focus. Who doesn’t love that?  What gets your adrenaline rushing?


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    What get’s me excited is traveling! I love visiting new places and trying new things. I try to choose a luxury hotel and experience the atmosphere. I love staying near the water as often as possible because it also grounds me. Traveling is it! I’m normally packed a ready way before it’s time to leave. LOL!

    I have recently started attending my grandson’s Pee Wee football games. I thought I would just be there for silent support, bored and just watching. Nope, not me. I was fired up! I’m the loudest, along with his mother, my daughter, one yelling. I forgot how much fun those game were. So you have support in your corner for the kiddie games. Sport Fans Unite! 🙂

    Belinda G

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