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Have you ever had one of those days…

by on November 2, 2013

Hey and happy day to you.

As usual  wasn’t sure what I wanted to say in this post so me being me, I wait until the last minute to actually write something. Yeah, I totally admit I am a procrastinator at heart. Insomnia doesn’t help and that really no excuse either if you think about because if I couldn’t sleep I should at least have been productive right? Uh no. I lay there in my bed staring at the ceiling fan talking to the characters in my head…out loud. Thank goodness my husband works at night, with all the chatting happening around three in the morning I could have been banded from the bedroom. Sorry about the TMI, I’m operating on very little sleep, I did mention insomnia right?

Around five am it hit me – ohhhh  – this is a release day for me.  Then another thread of discussion with my characters went through my mind as we talked about that. I’m shaking my head it was definitely one of those nights that have turned into – hell – one of those days. I have missed calls, forgot appointments and it’s around elven am and I still ave yet to have a cup of coffee of my five hour energy boost. Then, as I sit at my desk and lean back in my chair, I glance at my calender.  Sigh, yeah, I forgot today was my turn to host Luscious Literaries, seriously my head dropped to my desk. Come on say it with me –  ouch. And now it feels like I’m rambling…so I’m gonna be quiet now and tell you about my hot new release through Sugar and Spice Press. Hiss will be available on Amazon later next week around the sixth or seventh. My boys from Pack Rulez are back and it’s Jamison’s turn at the plate. Had to throw a little baseball analogy in there. LOL.


Hiss ~

Jamison Conda wanted a mate. Too bad as the newest member of the Shifter Council, he could no longer allocate time to finding one. Until he ran into his ex-lover and her child.

Marree Cottons is a shifter who cannot shift. Years ago she left the Constrictor Clutch with a secret. One she’d hoped to hide. Burdened with the knowledge she has a mate who doesn’t want her, she thrives as the town vet in Betaille.

But when Jamison arrives in town, old feelings resurface. Keeping her secret may be harder than she thought.

Link ~

Did I mention that tis release has a little contest going? I didn’t  – ahh well – let me tell you. If you go here —>  I am giving away four t-shirts and all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is to answer one little ole question and leave your answer in comments.

Here is a pic of the prize.

1384067_616995378353406_594893291_nHope I see you there. Until later my friends.



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