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No Tricks or Treats for me

by on October 31, 2013

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Halloween goes in phases as we grow older. When I was young it was all about the costume and planning. See I live in the great state of Minnesnowda that’s had more than one Halloween blizzard in it’s history so as a child of the Northern Plains you need to make sure your snowsuit can fit underneath or you’ll be flashing as you say trick or treat.

            Now as I got older I handed out candy and even dressed up once for my office job. I’m just not that invested in the holiday I guess.  My son’s now at the age when it’s “not cool” and the less he cares about a holiday the less I do. For a while I enjoyed handing out candy to the neighborhood kids, but we’ve moved and now live on a highway. Not exactly an ideal trick or treating spot and although we did carve pumpkins the first few years I’m just in the mood for Halloween this year. I have a feeling we’ll be half way through November before my husband remembers that we forgot.

            I might indulge and watch a scary movie tonight.  What are your plans or have you like me been burnt out by the holiday?



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  1. Mary Roya permalink

    I have noticed myself that if my family isn’t ‘into it’ the momentum fades. My two favorite seasons are Halloween and Christmas. The lights, the costumes and just the general air of excitement are what I enjoy. Yes, I do still like to dress up. Last year spiders, this year skulls, however, the rain has really put a damper on the mood. Not really burned out as to missing the fun because no one wants to join in with me.

    Tonight we will hand out candy and ooh and aah at the brave children that do come out. No movie, just regular television shows.

    Wishing a happy fun Halloween.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    I know. it’s only me so I’m not invested in the holiday. Not into the party thang either. My kids have been grown for years and have kids of their own. My role now, if I’m home, is to leave the porch light on and pass out candy. If it’s a nice night, no rain, it’s fun to see the little kids costumes. So no, I don’t really do the Halloween thing anymore.

    Wishing you Happy Halloween fun! 🙂


  3. We stayed in, however the teens went out with their friends.

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