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R.W. Shannon sits down with Luscious and talks about life as a author and her new release… Hunger, The New Breed

by on October 24, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a sister author at Amira Press.  I’ve been a fan of her work and was excited when she agreed to sit down with me. It’s always exiting to talk “shop” with another author and this was no exception.  Her interview  was witty and entertaining. You’ll find those questions below. 🙂  Being the great writer that she is, she sent an awesome pretty that I must now add to my collection as well as a blurb and excerpt to her new book. You voracious readers will understand where I’m coming from when I say my wallet has committed itself to the witness protection program. But in my defense I had to buy another book even if it does sit on my tbr pile for a week or so and you guessed it. That book is Hunger. So take a look at what I read in the blurb and excerpt then see if you can resist the urge to one click.

Until later my friends,


1.            What books have most influenced your life most? I am an avid reader. Almost every book I read, I take away something from it.

2.            Do you see writing as a career or as merely a hobby? Writing is definitely a career for me. Whenever I tried to run, some character would hunt me down, tie me to a chair and stand behind me with a whip until I did what I was told.

3.            Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? No. I want my readers to have a good time with my books. I want them to be transported into the characters worlds and get lost in them. At least, that’s my goal.

4.            Which characters will did you find hardest to part with? The ‘Love’ series I wrote for Cobblestone Press was hard for me to part with. Aria and Scorpio were vampires and it was the very first series that I had published, ever. They were close to my heart, but the series had reached a natural end.

5.            While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters? I seem to interject parts of my personality in all of my characters. So, I connect with them all in some way. Especially with my paranormal characters. Even though they may have these special gifts, I want them to be human. And in some ways vulnerable.

6.            What would you be doing if you didn’t write books? I’d continue to be a librarian. That way, I can still work with and around books.

7.            Who was your favorite author when you were growing up? Growing up, I loved horror books. Stephen King and Clive Barker were my favorites. I was also into Jackie Collins, Toni Morrison and Alice Walker. As a child, I was reading very adult books, LOL. 

8.            What do you wish you had known when you were starting out? That perseverance is the key to success. Build a support system, work hard, and believe in your talent.

9.            Hot or cold cider? I’m not a cider person. When the weather turns, I prefer chai lattes or hot pumpkin flavored coffee.

10.          Do you go apple or pumpkin picking? Haunted  hay rides?  What are your fall traditions? I grew up on a farm. That was enough fall activity for me. Now, I just like watching the leaves change from the window. Winter is my favorite season.




HUNGER picks up where book one, Crave, left off. In Hunger, Dr. Jackson Weiland is on the hunt for the panther that killed his mother.  It’s a search that uncovers more clues about his true identity as a panther shifter, and leads to more bloodshed.  As things continue to heat up between him and his soul mate, Zahara Nnembia, Jack can’t shake the feeling that the beautiful panther knows more about what’s happening than she’s letting on. Zahara is indeed withholding information from Jackson. She’s afraid that once Jackson learns of her roll, he will leave her. She goes to great lengths to hide her involvement in a rival pack’s quest to locate Jackson. But Zahara, in trying to correct her mistake, makes things worse.


Excerpt :

…The humidity in the air seemed to rise as he climbed

onto the porch. He shifted into his human form. His muscles ached while his

bones snapped back into alignment. He waited for the pain to subside, then

climbed to his feet. Ignoring his clothes, which still lay where he left them, he

made his way inside.

Beads of sweat dripped from his hair and into his eyes as he made his

way to the master bedroom, then into the bathroom for a shower. He wasn’t

due to the hospital until later, but it was on his agenda to go to his father’s

house to retrieve the computer and all of the files in Tobias’s office. There

had to be something in there that would reveal who Jack was and why he was

a shifter.

Jack stood under the hot spray of water. He ran his hands over his

biceps, noting how his muscles had doubled in size. His abs were flatter,

sleeker. The mild-mannered college professor he once was, was now

unrecognizable in light of the changes to his body. That was fine with him.

He reached for the soap. Stopped. Inhaled deeply. Zahara. Her honeysuckle

scent seemed to coat his soul, rendering him motionless. Immediately, his

cock thickened and lengthened against his thigh.

When he turned, he could make out her outline on the other side of the

frosted glass. He opened the door to get a better view. Zahara Nnembia.

Panther. Daughter of Elon. Capturer of his heart. Jack studied her long,

black tresses that fell over her shoulders in silky waves. She had a petite but

athletic frame that was covered by a pink nightgown. Within the deep V

neckline, he could see the creamy texture of her chocolate skin and began to


Zahara had his clothes in her hand, which she now tossed on the floor.

With deep-set hazel eyes, she gazed at him as if appraising his body from

head to toe. Jack’s heart thundered. Oh, how he loved this woman.

Controlling himself around her was never an option. He felt his hunger for

her rising to near panic levels and turned off the water.

“I thought you were going to go running with me,” Jack said.

“I wanted to give you some space.”

Jack nodded. He was disappointed, but he understood. “Right now, I just

need you. Come here.”

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