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Conflicting issues with Horror…

by on October 21, 2013

FrankensteinI love Halloween, the costumes, the candy the general good nature fun then I turn on the TV and as much as I want to look away its like watching a train wreck. I slap my hands to my face and peek though the slots my fingers create.  Yes *hangs head* I have a love hate relationship with horror movies. I was okay with them for a bit. watching that old floor model television with my grandmother, we watched all the classics during the month of Oct every Wednesday during the Fright Night Marathon. Frankenstein was my favorite. And I was all right until the dreaded Night of the Living Dead which also happened to be shot in Pittsburgh. Not far from my home town… Yeah I got commentary to go with the different screen shots.

Then these new sets of movies came out and they were scarier. I remember the original Mike Myers and Jason from Friday the 13th. During the first Nightmare on Elm Street, I stuffed popcorn in my mouth to keep my screaming as Johnny Depp was sucked through his bed. I couldn’t watch TV for a month after witnessing the cult classic Poltergeist. But I learned to live with the fear.  After all it was only once a year. so I slept with a nightlight the other eleven months and I’m grown. *Shrugs* My husband learned to live with it.  LOL Most days.


But now, as I sit solidly in middle age and embrace it, I’m finding not just horror movies but shows that are just as bad and I still can’t turn away. I avoid the AMC channel when Walking Dead is on and then I start channel surfing late at night and find myself drawn to the station like a moth to the flames. Of course my guy finds me still sitting up when he wakes in the morning, with all the lights on in the house and me rocking in our recliner. An it’s not just AMC, either. American Horror Story has me hooked as do the various movies that now seem to play anytime without rhythm or reason like 28 Days or 28 Days Later.

Some folks seem to be hooked on the fear and revel in it. Me, I find myself planning exits and hoarding knives…Hey you never know. I also have an exit strategy to get the hell out of dodge if shit goes sideways (I borrowed that line from one of my characters). And a firm list of who might get left behind. So now you my friends know my horrible secret. I’m a reluctant horror fan. I watch them like living manuals so if aliens do invade or zombies do rise I can jump into an immediate plan of action and hope my old, crippled ass doesn’t get captured or eaten…

Until Later my friends,



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  1. janeteckford permalink

    I love being scared!! I’m actually not scared by slasher movies with a corporal being I can still fight. Spirits and things that go bump in the night freak me out though and I love it;)

  2. janeteckford permalink

    I love to be scared! The excitement of screaming at the characters to get the hell out of the house. Or for the character to pick up a weapon and take out the guy with the knife. Makes me happy;)

  3. belindaegreen permalink

    Nope….I don’t watch them, period. I don’t need to scare myself. More power to those who love them. 🙂

  4. Dahlia DeWinters permalink

    I like the suspenseful type ones rather than the slashers and Saw type movies. But I do have a scary spot for zombies!!

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