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An entire month dedicated to what goes BUMP in the night ~ October!!!

by on October 7, 2013

Let the Fearfest begin… Bwahahahahaha!

No seriously, lets have a little fun. I live in Central Florida and starting at the end of Sept I get bombarded by billboards and commercials both on TV and radio seducing you with the idea of being scared. All you have to do is go to any theme park in the area. I’ve been to a few of those specialty attractions and I can honestly say yeah I won’t be going back anytime soon.  After attending a couple of them with a number of years between attendance I can tell you  – ummm- no thank you and I won’t be doing that again.  🙂 At least not anytime soon.

However all these images I see on a daily basis until the end of Oct. Well – they got those creative juices flowing and of course the voices chimed in with what if?  Ideas flittered through my mind and I couldn’t help but think of my favorite horror, Frankenstein.  The thoughts rode me so hard I had to pull out my copy of the Mary Shelley masterpiece.  Staring at the cover, I wanted to pay homage to the author and I could take this story in so many twisted directions.

Making Monsters was born.

Now don’t get me wrong while Frankenstein was the inspiration my story deviates from that book from page one. And folks in Making Monsters, we’ll lets just say some of them,  they like sex any way they can get it and then some…going so far as to create…okay I’m about to give the story away. I got too excited for a minute there. I was actually scared that so many erotic ideas flowed from my finger tips and maybe a little embarrassed.  We’ll just keep that between us though. Below is the cover, blurb and a little excerpt. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it…

Until later my friends,



Blurb ~

Healthy men are dying…

Malia Shelly, a Viksburg CSU team leader, is simply doing her job when she makes a connection between the murder cases. After digging a little deeper, she discovers that every man killed has one or more missing body parts.

Paul Egan, assistant coroner, has been assigned to autopsy each body. When he signs off on their release paperwork, they leave his unit whole. They’re not arriving at their destinations that way. He enlists Malia’s help to quietly investigate the deaths.

Bad things can happen when you get too close to someone’s secret and a coincidence puts them in the lair of a serial killer. Now the couple must fight to stay alive in a chamber of horrors and there is only way to stop the carnage. Get free and expose the murderous psychopath hiding in plain sight.

Death is not an option.

Excerpt ~

He felt the caress of small hands glide across his shoulders. Slim, deft finger kneaded the tense muscles in his neck. Paul tilted his head, and rubbed his hair roughened cheek against the soft skin at the back of his lover’s hand. One touch from Malia elicited an instantaneous response from his body. He should be more concerned about the way his department was being reflected as incompetent, or the accusations of impropriety. But even a simple glance from his girlfriend could set his cock at attention and send his reason out the window. He swiveled his stool around to face her, pulling out of her loose grip,.
He raised his gaze to meet hers, still shocked at the fact that someone as hot as Malia Shelly could love someone as nerdy as him.
“What are you doing here?” Paul shifted in his seat, making room to adjust his shaft.
“I can’t check up on my man? I’m lonely in our bed. It’s been days since we’ve connected without a phone line between us.” She cupped his cheek before pulling the square spectacles from his face and laying them on the counter. “Besides, Rich dying has me a bit rattled. When I left Elise’s house all I wanted to do was talk to you … in person.”
Paul pulled her hand from his face and intertwined their fingers, noting the sharp contrast of her creamy brown digits against his pale white ones. Too many days spent locked up in the morgue instead of out in the sun with Malia. But there was always some task that needed to be done. The Head Coroner trusted him, and he hated the idea of failing her. Especially since she

gave him a chance straight out of medical school, when everywhere else he’d applied told him he needed more experience.
“Earth to Paul.” Malia broke his grip on her hand and wiggled her fingers in front of his face.
Paul focused on the woman before him. “Sorry…so what’s this you say about missing me?
“Not just you.” She waved in a circular motion. “This.” Malia grabbed a handful of dark brown hair in a fist and leaned in, pressing her lips to his.
“Ahh.” He opened his mouth on a sigh, and her tongue pushed past his lips to tangle with his. Paul slipped his arms around her waist, tugging her between the vee of his thighs. Splaying his hands across her ass, he held her flush against him. The heat of her pussy bled through her clothes and warmed his crotch. He slanted his head, anxious to plunder more of her mouth while his fingers dug into the light cotton of her jeans.
Malia lifted her head, breathing hard. “Paul, now would be a good time to…umm… work in your office.” She waggled her brows and wiggled against him, rubbing a generous hip on his rock hard erection.
He stood, towering over her. The wanton look of lust on her face was all the invitation he needed. Her peanut butter complexion flushed a faint pink. She stared up at him through shuttered lids, partially hiding her expressive chocolate brown eyes. Her shiny lips were slightly swollen. Wisps of hair had pulled away from her puff ponytail, and tight black curls sprung up at various places on her scalp. He had yet to tell her he loved her, but every time they were together he made a point to show her with his body how much he cared. Being with Malia was like waking up to a new adventure every day, and short of asking her, he still hadn’t quite figured out why she was with him.
“Lead the way, Miss Shelly.” He turned her around and tenderly urged her forward.
She reached behind her, wrapping her fingers around his wrist, and pulled him with her as she walked toward his office. He stared at her luscious backside as they crossed his lab. Her

belt strained to hold her pants on her waist, and the two round orbs that made her butt cheeks bounced as she moved. Mercy, but he loved her ass.
“Stop staring at my ass.” Malia tossed the words over her shoulder.
“I adore your butt.” He reached for her belt with his other hand. “How did you know I was looking at your voluptuous buns?”
“I can feel your eyes on me.” She shoved his office door open.

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  1. Kimberly permalink

    Sooo.. The book that should have pictures huh? 🙂 Congratulations on your new release.

  2. This would be the one and thank you! 🙂

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