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Simple Fall Decor Ideas

by on October 4, 2013
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It might be 80 degrees outside – at least it will be later on this afternoon in NJ – but according to the calendar, it is fall.  For those of you who like to decorate, but don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, never fear!  You can spruce up your space with these simple fall decor ideas.

Hit the Dollar Store for a Colorful Candle Arrangement

It’s all about color and what catches your eye.  Go to your local dollar and/or low-cost store (such as Big Lots) and select two or three large jar candles in orange, brown and yellow.  Add a few smaller votive and/or tea light candles in the same colors.   Grab a glass or silver tray.  Place the candles in an eye-catching grouping and place on a  table.  If you like, add some more fall color with an inexpensive garland twined around the candles, or pull off the leaves and “scatter” on the tray before placing the candles.

Note:  You can do the same thing in Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and AC Moore, but the prices are much better at the dollar store, especially if you are buying for color and not for scent.

Become a Basket-Case

While you are in the dollar store, select a fall-colored or themed hand towel (or two), and a basket (with or without a handle). Line the basket with the towels and use that to hold your fall apples, oranges and mini-pumpkins.  Or, if you’re not a huge fruit person, find fake fruit and use the leaves from that garland to create a lovely arrangement.  You can also use a flat basket on the back of the toilet tank or on a bathroom shelf with rolled hand towels in fall colors.

Be creative

Get a large-bowled wine glass and fill it with candy corn.  It can function both as a unique candy

From Poppies at Play

From Poppies at Play

dish and a decorative accent.

Use different heights of wine glasses  as votive and/or tea light holders.

Fake sunflowers (or other flower) stuck in a tall vase with some glass beads/marbles.

Pick up a few gourds in the supermarket (what I call mini-pumpkins) and place in a simple  clear glass bowl.

Though the fixes may seem small, these touches of color and creative decor will certainly brighten your living space.

Happy Fall!!



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  1. Awesome tips.

  2. belindaegreen permalink

    I love crafty people like you! Give we a web page, a graphic design presentation, or design a room, I damn good. Give me a glue gun and craft stuff and it never ends well. Never could figure that out…. :/
    Anyway, these are all wonderful deco tips and I will try the table deco for sure. Thanks for the tips Dahlia!

    Belinda G
    belgre at

    • Dahlia DeWinters permalink

      Hey Belinda! Glad you liked the tips – I like to keep the decor simple and easy, like it should be. Be careful with that glue gun though! 🙂

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