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Cora Blu, Let’s do it again

by on September 27, 2013

What have you done only once, but would love to do again?

Open the booklet and it's formatted just like a regular book.

Open the booklet and it’s formatted just like a regular book.

by Author Cora Blu

For those that know me, and many of you may not, I throw parties often. My children have color parties, texture parties, luaus, etc.

For me it was a scene party I held in my basement.
I printed a copy of a short story, that I wrote, and invited a few women, I know from my local garden center, that have read my paranormal story. I see them every week. It’s a small nursery, small enough that they have a picture of my pond on their billboard.

Being the frugal person I am, I covered the coffee table in the basement with a strip of sparkly fabric, some plates and glasses from the dollar store. (I keep a large tote of white ceramic plates in my garage.) I made a large salad with some grilled chicken and punch and a trifle for dessert.
Then I printed the book and covered it in black construction paper, printing the true cover on the first page as you open the book. Down the center, I hot glued a ribbon. Now each person had a book with their napkin and utensils.
During dinner, we read “Desmond.’ It’s an apology scene between two shifters. A bullshark and a dolphin shifter married for over two hundred years. When it came down to the bow-chica-wow-wow scene, everybody wanted to take a turn reading Desmond’s words. A few ladies walked around reading in their best male voice. One woman reads from my laundry and we couldn’t see her which added an entire new level to her already deep voice.

One day, I would love to have a bigger party and have some men over to read.
I had the best time with those five women and look forward to seeing them at the nursery in the Spring.

What have you done that you’d love to do again?

The book we read can be found free at or .99 at Amazon and B&N.
Desmond,  Brothers of Elements Series.
Thank you for sharing a minute of your day with me.
Sincerely, Cora Blu


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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    What an interesting read party! I would have loved to be there. I enjoy role playing! Yep, I was the only one who didn’t mind doing a role play during training sessions at work. Stop that groaning!! 😀 They were fun!

    Now you asked: What have you done that you’d love to do again?

    Well I would love to return to The Bahamas via a cruise. That was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and fun sightseeing tour! I have cruised quite a bit since then but not back to there. I have very fond memories of that trip! I just haven’t had the opportunity to return yet. Sigh….one of these days. Dang, I’m now on the road to a melancholy state of mind….

    Warmest regards,
    Belinda G

  2. Sometimes remembering those good times is a great place to start in having a great day. I’ve never done role playing before, but know a sci-fi writing couple that love doing it on Friday night’s with their children. And th he Bahamas I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wow that sounds like so, much fun Cora. I love that story too about Desmond 🙂
    I would have love to be there, I know it was much laughter and joy going on!

    What have you done that you’d love to do again?

    I would love to go back to Washington D.C. I’m a huge on government and history. I had so much fun, seeing the city learning the history and visiting so many places. I had a blast!! I need to go back soon.:) Now, I need to make plans lol

    Thanks for sharing


    • That’s a great idea, Solease. Government history is interesting especially during colonial days. You should make plans to go again.
      Thanks for stopping by and yes it was a hoot, the party.

  4. That’s a wonderful idea!

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