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Countdown to New Beginnings

by on September 23, 2013

So summer has came and went and it’s officially fall. Here, in Michigan, the leaves are starting to turn from green to a beautiful red and gold. The air is a little cooler and the scent of bonfires, wood burning stoves and hay mingle. Orchards are pressing fresh apple cider and making warm doughnuts.  And there’s a new countdown.

Courtesy of my backyard

Courtesy of my backyard

While the Earth prepares itself for its winter slumber, (I hope we don’t have another season of mud instead of winter), I’ve started a new countdown, one for new beginnings.

I wish I could say it was to warmer weather, but it isn’t. Looking at all I’ve achieved over the last two years as a published author, realization struck that I’d achieved my initial goals and it’s time to set some new ones.

So while I’m between edits, official writing projects and whatever activities the kids are in, it’s time for me to set some new goals for my writing career. This is a career for me. I quit working as a cake decorator to pursue this and have no regrets.

While it somewhat terrifies me, next year’s goal will be spent at a few conferences. and meeting readers. I may even work up the nerve to pitch to an editor or agent. In the meantime, I’m readying my house for new beginnings. Let the countdown begin.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic

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  1. belindaegreen permalink

    Lynn great to know that you met your goals and are looking to set new ones! Whatever they are always make them to stretch yourself. What’s the fun of doing the same thing when you have accomplished it. You don’t grow. Goals that are realistic, measureable and fun are what counts. Good luck!

    Hey, I live in Seattle, I have sympathy for you about the weather! At least we don’t have all that snow!…. 😀

    Belinda G

    • I really want sun and sand, until then I’ll keep plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows on hand. 🙂

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